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In India, NEO Fitnes is synonymous with the fitness, beauty, and styling industries. With 29 fitness and beauty salons across northern India, it is one of the country’s largest fitness, salon, and spa businesses. Furthermore, NEO, with a desire to provide world-class service to a vast consumer base, invites franchisees to participate in a proven business model, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Why Choose a NEO Franchise?

One of the most well-known workout, saloon, and spa chains.
The first chain in India to successfully function and expand under a franchising system.
Our business approach for franchises is profitable.
Franchisee Profile Desired:

Are interested in the fitness, beauty, and style industries.
Are a part of everyday operations
Have a keen eye for detail and a knack for providing excellent client service
Can raise the necessary funding for the venture

What the Franchisor Offers:

Organize with the design team.
By the name of “NEO Fitnes,” we will provide a gym, café lounge, unisex salon, spa, slimming, pro shop, and group classes all under one roof.
Recruitment and training of personnel
At our own training institute, we teach new skills to our employees.
Assist in the establishment of fitness, spa, and saloon facilities using on-line software.
Obtain all of the salon’s equipment.
Provide legal and statutory guidance to the franchisee.
Encourage people to walk.
Regularly provide training on the most recent trends and practises.
Budgeting Guide for Profit Maximization
Regularly provide training on the most recent trends and practises.
Budgeting Guide for Profit Maximization
To assist the franchisee, provide/hire a manager.
CRM initiatives should be implemented.
Support media/public relations efforts.

What the Franchisee Should Expect:

Ensure high levels of client retention and satisfaction.
Ensure that it operates profitably by maintaining high levels of hygiene.
Ensure that payments are made on schedule.
Provide local businesses with insight
Maintain optimal inventory levels and provide high-quality service.
If you’re interested in the aforementioned franchise model, please contact us right away to learn more!
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