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As writers are explorers in themselves, and the gift of writing is a natural flow of thoughts from the deepest heart. The Writers’ Rescue Centre is first of its kind, a launch pad for aspiring writers where we provide one to one mentorship for impassioned writers, as we provide them the requisite platform of turning their deep feelings and obsessions of the heart into a captivating piece of literature and help them to convert their thoughts into a proper book with a complete package of a hassle free combination of publishing, distributing and marketing of their books on various online and offline channels.

The brain behind this innovative idea of setting up the rescue centre was conceived and formulated by
Dr. Nikhil Chandwani
who is an accomplished multi-faceted personality who is credited with the publication of six New York Times best-selling novels. A stellar Film Producer, Travel Script Writer, Director, Professor, Public Speaker and CEO of Walnut Discoveries Pvt. Ltd. Adding a feather to his cap, he was recently awarded The Global Indian of the year honour for his contributions as a scriptwriter placing him in the elite names of the motion picture industry. He also holds a special accolade of being named in World Record Books for a professorship at a very young age of twenty-one.

As a good coach can change a game and a great mentor can change a life, Writers at WRC are mentored by best-selling authors, and they are made to write their first book. As books are more than words, they are dreaming, ideas and answers in themselves. Everybody walks past a thousand ideas every day, but the best writers are the ones who see and perceive them into a beautiful creation worth reading. There are three difficulties in authorship like.. To write something worth publishing, next, to find a good publishing house to publish it and last but not the least, to get viewership from reading it. But here in the WRC, all the complications are taken care by us like, the book is published by the Foundation and later marketed to reach the readers on all the suitable platforms on the first stage. Then on the next stage, The writer is then taken to public speaking, slam poetry, column writing fields and proper career is carved for writers to showcase their skills in a perfect way. Now a days, People are more emphasizing on the startup mentorship, but ironically creative human mentorship is missing in the modern world or to be precise taking a backstage. As writers have no proper job module available for them, and they often end up switching professions. To bridge the gap between the writer’s world of fantasy and reality, we are stepping into the process of making their dreams to take a proper shape and also trying to salvage them by taking them under our garb and preparing them in achieving their dreams.

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