Panaesha Capital (India) was incorporated in March 2018. Panaesha Capital Exchange (PCEX) was launched in January 2019 as a global crypto trading platform from Singapore. In June 2020, PCEX Member partnered with PCEX as an Indian broker to take over the Indian business operations, clientele and the B2B network. Panaesha symbolises perfection and excellent, hence, Panaesha Capital visions to excel in whatever it aspires to achieve. With 2 active trading members/crypto brokers, 170+ franchisees and 100+ freelancers from around the world. Company enjoys 8+Countries Global Presence, 10X Low Transaction Fee & 250+Franchisees Across the Globe

The company is owned and fully funded by Mr. Sandeep Phogat who has extensive experience in the traditional financial markets. He has worked for the Indian stock market for about 15 years and understands the problems associated with the market .

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