The goal of establishing Patil Katta was to provide our people with 10 healthy varieties of tea, as well as the authentic flavour of Indian teas such as Masala Milk and Coffee, in this fast-paced world. To relieve our fatigue, we began a tea business in the shape of “Patil Katta.” “Patil Katta” quickly gained popularity in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujrat, and the rest of the country due to the high quality of the tea and our service. We chose to create entrepreneurs and offered the first franchise after realising our social obligation. Due to the success of that branch, we received numerous inquiries from franchisees from all around the country. Because of the high quality of the tea and the business potential, “Patil Katta” quickly spread throughout Maharashtra. as well as other states The adventure of “Patil Katta” continues with the blessings of all of you, with the purpose of making people entrepreneurs.

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