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Permagard is the global leader in Paint Protection Technology, having been founded in 1998. Permagard solutions, which specialise in protective coatings engineered to work in the harshest environments, have been applied to over 100 billion dollars worth of aircraft, automobiles, and yachts. Permagard can deliver modern paint protection technology thanks to over two decades of cutting-edge research and development. Permagard’s protection solutions are divided into three sections, each of which will provide the best “Long-Term Protection” for any aeroplanes, boats, and automobiles. Our senior-level automotive industry leaders want to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience as well as lifetime protection for your vehicle. Permagard is chosen by high-performance brands such as Porsche and Mercedes.

Our products have been authorised by Airbus, Boeing, and Dassault System Aviation, as well as Virgin Australia, Qantas, and Etihad Airways. They have also been tested in harsh situations. We have a committed team of senior-level automotive sector leaders that are focused on providing our customers with a once-in-a-lifetime experience while also providing the highest level of protection. Mercedes-Benz Australia and Porsche Australia picked us because they are well-known brands with a strong brand image. We were chosen because of our dependable and consistent services, as well as our illustrious reputation and dedication. Our goal is to have a “Wet Look” on our items. With our best long-term protection solution, we pledge to deliver total protection and a life-changing experience to our clients.

The paint is protected from fading and oxidation by our sleek and sophisticated reactive polymer and UV filtering technology. With a compelling touch, that colourful solution maintains the paint’s originality and aesthetic looks. Apart from that, the paint expands and has a longer life, which decreases the need for repainting. We offer ecologically friendly protective coatings and high-performance services that have been meticulously crafted to intensify and keep the paint’s new-like appearance on all automobiles, boats, and aircraft. We have a strong research and development staff that does comprehensive new research to enhance the beneficial outcomes of our twenty years of dedication, experience, and consistency. We are currently regarded as one of the industry’s standard protective coating solutions. On both commercial and business planes, our top services eliminated parasitic drag, reduced engine cruise power settings, and saved fuel. We have earned our clients’ trust and loyalty by safeguarding over $100 billion in aircraft, automobiles, and yachts around the world.

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