Established in 1998, Permagard is the global leader in the Paint Protection Technology. Over 100 billion dollars’ worth of aircraft, automobiles, and yachts have been treated with Permagard solutions specialized in protective coatings that are designed to perform in the toughest environment.

With over twenty years of cutting-edge research and development, Permagard is able to provide unprecedented paint protection technology. Permagard’s protection solutions have three specialized divisions which will provide the optimum “Long-Term Protection” solution for all aircraft, boats, and automobiles.

Developed with the most cutting-edge technology for the automobile industry, our coatings are designed to reduce drag and deliver a shine that lasts a lifetime. Permagard stands synonymous with Permanent, Performance & Protection.

Our products have been tested in extreme conditions & approved by the likes of Airbus, The Boeing Company & Dassault Systems Aviation. It is also used by Qantas, Virgin Australia & Etihad Airways.

Our extremely talented, senior-level automotive industry leaders aim to give you the experience of a life-time and your vehicle lifetime protection. High-performance brands such as Porsche & Mercedes-Benz choose Permagard, not only because of our commitment to make their cars have a “wet look” but also because of our reputation for giving high-quality, reliable service.

For years, we have lived up to the expectations of our clients to give them and their vehicle a life-changing experience. With our promise to give you the Permanent Protection that assures our customers an amazing Performance. No matter the realm—ocean, sky or land—Permagard provides the optimum solution for long-term protection for life.

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