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The Playden (School Of Performing Arts, Sports & Fitness) our instructors are real musicians, players & pro fitness athletes, who are ready to help you or your child achieve real results.

We have been providing professional private music lessons/group instruction to thousands of students of all ages from all over in our facilities pan India for all popular instruments. We have you covered. We welcome students of all ages and playing abilities.

Our experienced instructors will work with you one on one/group sessions to learn and play the type of music you love. Whether you want to study Indian Classical or Western Classical Vocals; Western Dance including styles like Bollywood, hip hop, contemporary, jazz, classical ballet, B-boying, waacking; Classical & Folk dance like Kathak & Bharatanatyam, Bhangra and many more in a fun and comfortable environment since 2003.

Model A (PLAYDEN):

Franchise investment: 3-4 Lacs
Brand Fee : 2.50 Lacs
Area: 1500sq. ft.
Royalty: 10%
Model B (PLAYDEN):

Franchise investment: 8-10 Lacs
Brand Fee : 3.50 Lacs
Area: 3000 sq.ft
Royalty : 10%

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