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PLUTOKIDS, the “Kids Planet”, was set on it first revolution in the month of May, 2009.

PLUTO is one of the budding Play Schools conceptualized with a vision to strike the right balance between the methodical Montessori education processes and the individual potential & learning capability of every kid for their paced enrichment in every aspect of development.

It has been observed that while many established play schools are following the old age methods and the new lease of franchise education is tied up in jazziness of the business – the basics of today’s techniques and care have gone missing.

In this platform – PLUTO introduces itself as a play school that puts in every effort to maintain the thin line of methodical education matched with the care for every child.

Evolving through the years PLUTO has been a preferred planet for hundreds of students. Its strength and liking has been on the rise with every passing day. It’s the most loved & preferred zone for the toddlers.

PLUTO has seen its little flowers blooming in many of the top schools of the city today.

PLUTO most probably has one of the youngest leadership in this sphere. Heading the entire organization is “Somedutta Mukherjee”, Director of Pluto Education. The professionalism with which she runs the organization from the age of 23 years with a sole motif of LOVE for Children and their all round development is widely acknowledged and praised by the every circle.

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