Jumbo Podar Kids KIDUCATION Brings Learning to Life in Its First Step Podar Jumbo Kids follows Ms. Swati Popat’s Kiducation concept, which she devised and developed. Ms. Popat is a member of n.a.e.y.c Washington, the National Association of Education for Young Children. At Podar Jumbo Kids, Maria Montessori’s 150-year-old philosophy, which focuses on sensory motor development, is combined with German educator Steiner’s insight. Reggio Emilia methods are also integrated, which believe that a child should develop according to his developmental stage and learning styles. We believe in mixing our own culture with education, thus we tell stories like Gijubhai Bhadeka and Mahatma Gandhi’s principles. Glenndoman’s flash card skills are very useful are also used to help preschoolers improve their reading and math skills. Children at Podar Jumbo Kids talk in a variety of languages; we do not force them to speak in a single language.

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