QI Group of Companies is the world’s fastest growing online shopping and business community. Founded in 1998, the QI Group is an e-commerce based conglomerate which encompasses all aspects of business, using the internet as its modality bringing products and services from all points of the globe to the customer wherever he or she may be. The Group’s expansion into high-quality interrelated businesses products and services has created many new opportunities for our customers.

The QI Group entered the F1 arena in 2010, which signed on as the Official Direct Selling Partner of the Virgin Racing team. With Russian automobile giant Marussia taking the controlling stake in the team, they are now known as the Marussia F1 Team.

Our brand is all about unlimited choice. The evolving product portfolio is combined with a business opportunity that allows you the choice of running your own business – without the need for large start-up costs, stock control and inventory, large overheads and other early hurdles in an entrepreneur’s path to success. Whether a full-time or part-time business, the choice is yours! And the diversity of the product portfolio allows for your tailored choice of product selection depending on your particular market needs and wants.

The major business divisions of the company are as follows:

Wellness and Energy
Health and Nutrition
Luxury Watches and Jewellery
Holiday Packages and Memberships

As an established dynamic complete e-commerce and direct selling company, our company provides the framework and tools that allow our members to actively raise their quality of life through value-added lifestyle products and through our network marketing business opportunity and attractive Compensation Plan.

We, as Independent Representatives of the company are growing the business of the Company globally. Convert your dream of starting your own business with one of the largest and fastest growing direct selling company. For partnering with us on an equal profit sharing model, you need to be dynamic and hard working. If you fit the criteria, contact us immediately.

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