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In 2006, REBI (Real Estate Bank of India) was established. In the current context, February is an innovative emergence in the Real Estate arena with the ultimate goal of organising the unorganised sector. REBI provides coordinated one-stop real estate solutions to address one of the biggest difficulties in the real estate business. REBI stepped in on a retail mode in response to this pioneering notion, ushering in a paradigm shift in real estate selling and other related services, where the consumer experience in transacting real estate is comparable to enjoying coffee at a nearby Starbucks, Caf Coffee Day, or Barista. REBI Property Shops are these one-stop real estate retail businesses. REBI’s aim is to be the finest value creator in the industry. Customers can engage in property transactions anywhere and at any time, making it the world’s most value-enhancing and values-based Real Estate Organization. By appointing REBI, India’s First National Organized Real Estate Transaction Network would be established.

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