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Reid Taylor has been styling the world’s elite for over 170 years and is synonymous with British tradition. Reid Taylor has been on a mission to manufacture the best garment fabric ever since, and has carved out a name for itself in the industry as a result. Each clothing fabric spells style thanks to a powerful in-house design development process. The brand’s rise has been fueled by meticulous attention to detail and in-depth research into worldwide trends. Reid Taylor is now a high-end garment and suiting company with a strong following in both the domestic and international markets. Reid Taylor is a stylish man’s fashion answer. Reid Taylor offers superior quality merchandise in the fabric and apparel categories that is classic, innovative, and international. Formal Wear at its Finest Men’s clothing, textiles, and tailoring services are available through this brand. Reid Taylor is a classic and innovative business formal apparel brand for the fashion-forward Metro man.

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