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Road Master Cycles is an Indian premium bicycle brand and the fastest-growing cycling company in the country. Created to provide very durable and cost-effective bicycles to Indian cyclists, as well as great design options. In 2014, the company entered the Indian bicycle market with the goal of providing a wide choice of high-quality products and services, as well as cutting-edge technology and devoted round-the-clock customer service.

We are India’s fastest-growing bicycle brand, with one of the best franchise opportunities. We currently have 150+ Road Master showrooms around the country, all of which were established through our franchise model. Our franchisees can open our businesses in all of the major metro areas and profit handsomely from it. W at Road Master, we have over 130 product models that catch people’s interest and meet their needs, from the rural to the urban population of the country. Our customers can choose from a variety of kids bicycles, road bikes, racing bikes, fat bikes, city bikes, hybrids, e-bikes, cycle for girls, mountain terrain bikes, and more.

Why should you collaborate with us as an entrepreneur?

We supply our franchisee with all of the demand-driven bicycles necessary to attract a large number of clients and, as a result, increase revenue.
To assist our franchisees in growing, we give all training, support, and marketing materials.
We assist our franchisees with promotion by giving a variety of techniques.
We also provide instruction in technological competency.
We offer a great return on investment.
We assist in the design and development of showrooms.
We give all of the necessary advertising assistance.
We are offering franchise possibilities in India to help us expand, and we humbly welcome enthusiastic and dedicated entrepreneurs to join us and start our franchise.


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