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Robot Guru is a novel initiative which seeks to teach robotics in an integrated manner interweaving hardware and software. It focuses on fundamental principles and underlying core technologies like 3D sensing, speech processing, RGBD sensors, Gesture processing and Person tracking. This pioneer in education is a brainchild of innovative experts in the field of robotics who have over 28 patents in US, Europe and Japan. The team has extensive experience in building and programming award-winning consumer and industrial robots apart from mentoring various start-ups in Silicon Valley. We have already delivered more than 10,000 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) kits and has imparted training in schools and to individuals across India.


At RobotGuru, we strive to rouse children’s interest in the field of robotics. Our curriculum is meticulously planned to use the right combination of hardware and software to empower the kids with all the skills necessary to become experts in robotics, machine learning and AI. As Kids & Students, we want to play with robots like BB8, R2D2, C3P0, Johnny Five which could talk, walk and express emotions like us and be our best friends for life! As Parents, we want our children to be ready for the world of robots, AI and automation, where the robots have all the jobs, unless you know how to program them! As Educators, we want resources for our students to enhance their learning experience while expanding their horizons by participating in national and international robot competitions.

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