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Rubix 108 Technologies , is a unique combination of technically competent, forward thinking minds and a strong Academic team, who have made a Compelling Value Proposition and effectively integrated to deliver a versatile Mobile App and intelligent school Management Software to strengthen the effectiveness and productivity of your institute. We provide solutions that are not only automated but also futuristic and customizable.

Our focus is on discovering the pulse of education business in the country. We have come in with a breath of fresh air to help you achieve your specific academic and business goals which can include but are not limited to expanding market reach, collaborating more efficiently, augmenting growth and productivity, growing social bandwidth and most importantly touching upon the emotions of all your stakeholders.

Our innovative and qualified team will continue to explore the unlimited possibilities of the platform through its holistic developmental tools, to deliver optimum solutions with high quality services, significant cost saving and quick turnaround time. Our core objective is to add value to your services and empowering your parent community, so that you may sit back and relax.

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