The only name in the detailing industry that offers a wider range of products and services that no other company can match. C3 coating plays a critical part in separating you from ceramic coating industry competitors. However, as a SHIFTERZ team, we will face stiff competition because we can offer customers ceramic products at very low pricing. C3 coating was first developed and tested for more than two years on two-wheelers before being successfully introduced for four-wheelers in 2014. SHIFTERZ was founded by a single guy in the year 2009, and it is presently India’s sole SUPERPRO DETAILING team. Customers benefit from the only brand that offers both a functional and a lifetime warranty. The one and only With the ONE STORE MONITORING PROCESS, you will have an assured business. SHIFTERZ is the proprietor of the C3 COATING RANGES brand and the creator of seven world-famous car-care cosmetics. Its ceramic protective coatings, particularly the CERAMIC COREFIBRE 9H product, offer protection and a molecular ceramic 3D structure, while the C3 MARINE COATING 12H product offers the world’s first maximum level of protection. SHIFTERZ Ceramic Corefibre Protection Coatings offer a 9H hardness invisible protective layer. It increases the car’s resistance to scratches, UV rays, and extreme temperatures by three times. SHIFTERZ offers a C3 and ceramic nanotechnological line. a variety of coatings for a variety of uses SHIFTERZ comes with a 60-month warranty, four free reloads, four free windshield treatments, is easy to wash, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, peel resistant, has a permanent coating, is superhydrophobic, advanced chemical resistant, increases paint depth, increases paint thickness, provides a high gloss finish, is Eco friendly, withstands high-pressure water wash, protects against tree saps and bird droppings, and is oxidation and corrosion-resistant. Temperature resistance is also important. The organisation offers the best Royal Enfield and other motorcycle brand modifications and accessories in India. Exhaust, Crash guards, Riding Jackets, Cdi unit, Air intakes, High lift Crankshaft, Racing chains, Bigger piston Kit, and much more are all available. The business is founded on the principles of integrity and excellent work, with an emphasis on innovation, technology, and performance. Customer satisfaction is the company’s major goal.

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