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Siyaram Silk Mills Limited is based in India. The company is in the textiles industry. Woven fabrics, coloured yarn, and readymade clothes are among the company’s offerings. During the fiscal year ending March 31, 2010, the Company installed 71 looms and factories in Tarapur and Silvassa, resulting in the production of 531.26 metres of cloth, 25.13 kilogrammes of yarn, and 17.46 readymade outfits. The company had 479 looms, 645 stitching machines, and 6000 yarn dying capacity installed as of March 31, 2010. In India, the company had 40,000 outlets. Space coloured yarns, heavy denier multicolor fancy yarns, embroidery and selvedge yarns, fancy dyed knitting yarns, and microfilament dyed yarn are among the company’s yarn offerings. Siyaram, J, and other brands are used by the company Hampstead, MiStair, Siyaram’s MSD, Oxemberg, Feaatherz, and Little Champ are among the artists included.

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