Smart Kidz Institute looking for expansion, an opportunity to become your own boss!
Smart Kidz Institute is into the field of education and child development since 2008, during this period we came up with various techniques for kids like wise.

Abacus classes
Phonetics class
DMIT concepts
Mid brain activation
Hand writing improvement
Memory Techniques
Vedic maths
Summer camp
Speed of reading
In these 6 years we develop more than 15000 students. Smart Kidz Institute is a stimulation Centre which offer Brain Enhancement Programme aspiring to uncover the latent potential of our younger generation, with the firm beef that proper brain stimulation will be immensely beneficial for children in unleashing that wondrous creativity within them, thus further complementing the country’s commendable education system.

Based on extensive reaches and year of training experience carried out in Japan, our comprehensive training program is designed to empower its students with tools that will increase their memory, concentration, Focus and the key that will unlock their true potential to win the world

Potential Franchisee:
An individual entrepreneur who invests fully in the adventure
A person who already have a proven track record in similar business will be a plus
A person sharing entrepreneurial values: curiosity, dynamism, team spirit and stubbornness
What Franchisee Gets?
Training at Ahmedabad
Operating manuals
Field assistance
Expert support
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