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In 1985, Sre Kamatchiyamman Textiles was established as a premier manufacturer and supplier of hotel and hospital linens in India, ranging in size and quality. We provide all types of bed linens and bath linens to meet the needs of our customers.

Our primary approach is “Direct Supply from Manufacturer to Customers,” which allows us to provide high-quality goods at low prices by removing the costs of middlemen.

Our monthly production capacity is roughly 10 lakh metres, which allows us to meet all of our customers’ fabric needs in a timely manner. We have job openings for around 150 people that are directly or indirectly involved in the manufacturing process, such as fabric processing, cone winding, and quality control.

Our Quality Control Department meticulously inspects all of our products, from raw materials to finished goods. Prior to dispatch, we complete all necessary tests to determine their standards and quality.

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