1) TAKSHILA is an institute preparing students for JEE/NEET/AIIMS entrance exams since 1998.
2) An institute Established, Run and managed by Academicians.
3) An institute that has witnessed 19 glorious years of successful results.
4) Expertise in both school boards and entrance exams.
5) An institute with Classroom programme available for Foundation/Engg/Med/NTSE/Olympiad/KVYP.
5) An institute with more than 25000 successful results in engineering and medical entrance exams.
6) BRAND NAME : “ A Need and not desire to all “.
7) Reduces the efforts , Investment and Monetary Risks.
8) Association with a established organization : Strategies, Management and System tools.
9) Business based on “ Proven Ideas”.
10) A Established Brand name with National Fame & Presence
11) Well Researched Study material, DPP’s / Test support
12) Faculty Training and Appointment Support
13) Staff Training and Appointment Support
14) National Advertisement
15) Guest / visiting faculty support
16) Prospectus / Brochure etc.

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