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Teeny Beans is India’s most popular DIY (do-it-yourself) preschool brand. It is a complete solution for new and established practitioners in the field of early childhood education that is non-franchise and royalty-free. We assist in the establishment and operation of international early learning centres that are internationally recognised as centres of excellence.

As a result, we develop institutions that adhere to the greatest standards in early childhood education and care, and we grow into experts in the field of early childhood education that serve local communities while also preparing global citizens.

We assist our franchise partners in making the most of their available resources in order to create an effective preschool setup. We also present an investment evaluation framework and recommend an appropriate investment. We also take into account the demographic profile of different clients in your area. We provide free equipment, learning aids, curriculum, and architectural designs to help you get started with your preschool. We guarantee that we will assist you with every area of brand development that results in national preschool franchises. We also assist you in establishing your brand in the local community in order to build an identity that is representative of any franchisee Any franchisor can give you this term if you don’t pay the franchise fee. Our no-royalty preschool approach for starting a play school in India is a fantastic and exciting model that prioritises our partners above all else. We assist you in establishing an enduring institution that you alone may own through the brand. In the field of early childhood education, we offer comprehensive solutions for both new and experienced practitioners.

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