Every chocolate lover deserves chocolate in its best and purest form.

The Bake House is a famous chocolate store in Pune which was established with the vision to make only pure chocolate reigns so that masses get introduced to authentic chocolate taste. Keeping this vision in mind, the company started off from the scratch and went back to the roots while choosing the methodology.

At Amazer, chocolate is made by engaging in the procedure of “Bean to Bar”, the process where the product is pure enticing chocolate. The journey of handpicking cacao beans and transforming them into delectable chocolates is driven by the tirelessly passionate chocolatier and our founder – Mrs. Ashmita Muchhal. The brand Amazer came up witha magical spell that only offeredtempering, pure and authentic taste of chocolate.

At Amazer, we refuse to settle for anything that doesn’t match the standards of pure chocolate; from our cacao beans to the flavours that we choose, everything is handpicked and handcrafted by our team of artisan chocolatiers. Above all, we decided to stay true to our roots. We thus take pride in tempering and crafting chocolate made from excellent Indian cocoa beans. At Amazer, we have a plethora of chocolates to choose from. We have a chocolate to suit every genre of the chocolate lovers’ community.

Amazer Bars:

Amazer Bars aren’t any ordinary chocolate bars. They’re a baby of the distinctive “bean to bar” process. Organic cacao beans are handpicked by our dynamic team which are then sorted and only those that qualify as quality chocolate ingredients go ahead. A rigorous roasting process of the beans then ensures that every tinge of flavour is retained. This filtration process is followed by some kick-ass cracking and wondrous winnowing. After some glorious grinding of pure chocolate ingredients, the process of tedious tempering takes place. The pure chocolate is then tempered by hand, moulded into amazing bars and is packed with love. Basically, the magical process of Amazer transforms cocoa beans into irresistible Amazer Chocolate Bars.

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