The Cake World was established in 1966, in the well known Chettinad township of Karaikudi. The long journey was started from Charles Amul Rusk whose baked products were supplied throughout Tamilnadu by the brand Charles Biscuit Company. This later changed to Charles Bakery and became popular in karaikudi with more branches & still operating.

The renowned Second generation pursued the journey of designing cakes with Frosting Technologies. They are skilled in baking science & Confectionery from Germany & Canada.

In 1998 Cake World was established in the metropolitan city of Chennai with various designs and varieties of Cakes. Today The Cake World is a well renowned exclusive retail cake shop with a reputation for its high quality cakes, Lingering taste, design & prompt customer service. Currently we operate 21 company owned outlets in all major location of Chennai.

The Cake World has established it’s product in the world of bakery and confectionery successfully.’ Giving the best’ has been our primary business motive and never we have compromised in the quality of our products.Looking back in 1966, Charles Biscuits Company manufacturing rusks was started in Karaikudi by brothers L. Soosai Manickam and L. Devaraj. Since then, 6 other successful branches have been opened all over in karaikudi.

Leaving our mark, we craft our products with passion and vibrancy to the highest quality. We have taken great steps and each was a milestone. We believe that our leads will bring distinct completion within us and this will encourage us for a continued established growth in the future

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