The Kerala Ayurveda Centre – A business model for you in most rewarding Ayurveda sector…Hurry!
Company is based from Kerala (South India) working in North India since 2003 in the name of “The Kerala Ayurveda Centre” with all services mentioned below.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapies
Ayurvedic Spa Therapies
Ayurvedic Medicines
Consultation with Doctors
Single Unit Investment for the Franchise:
Expected Investment for Franchise: Rs. 10 lacs minimum (Depend City wise)
Investments Includes: Franchise Fee – Rs. 2 lacs (1.5 lacs refundable)
Equipment’s – Rs. 2 Lacs
Furniture and Fixtures – Rs. 2 Lacs
Advertising / Marketing – Rs. 1 Lacs
Running Cost per Month – 1 Lac

Space Area Required – 1100 to 2000 sq. ft.

Income per Month:
Health Therapies (Net Margin 40% to 50%)
Curative Therapies (40% to 50%)
Medicines (25% to 40%)
Consultation 100% (Fee will b 100 to 300 per Client)
Kerala Ayurveda Centre Franchise Business Program:
Kerala Ayurveda Centre is looking for City wise reliable persons and agencies for tie-ups and franchise in All Cities of Punjab Haryana Himachal and Jammu Kashmir.
Best opportunity to open up an Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre and Make High profit & Reputation in Low Investments.
We offer the following:
You can use OUR Brand Name “Kerala Ayurveda Centre” which is the Most Reputed Brand in Ayurveda and Panchakarma.
WE will Set up A full fledge Ayurvedic Panchakarma Centre.
Provide of the best Ayurvedic medicines from Reputed Manufactures of Kerala
We will Provide Trained BAMS Doctors & Qualified Panchakarma Technicians from Kerala.
We will Provide Personal Training to Franchise Holder to Run the Business
We will provide necessary equipment’s to our Franchise.
We will do All Types of Online & Offline Promotions.
We State wise Print & Electronic Media Publicity of All Franchise etc.
We will Provide CME to All Franchises Every Month.
We will Provide Free Medical Camps for Promotional Activities Time by Time.
We will provide special Visits of Specialist Doctors of Different Branches of Ayurveda as per demand.
The Annual Memberships taken from ours Exiting Centres can be used at any Franchises of any Cities.
Opportunity is available, don’t wait, and connect now!

Thanks & Regards

The Kerala Ayurveda Centre Team!

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