In this present Generation most of the individuals lack in their emotions and less feel less encouraged by their teachers and parents. Every child has unique strengths but in Indian parenting we look at the weaknesses of the child, we all know that all great people are known because of their strengths, until we look at the strengths of a person and explore them, we cannot expect the success and happiness in that individual. With this attitude only we can expect the growth of our country BHARATHA.

The unique mind Mr. Muruli behind Unique Truth is a person grown up in a lower middleclass family fighting for small expenses and basic needs and got a great freedom in thoughts and values of relationship from the parents.

Always an average student faced lot of difficulties in learning but a hard worker and very good at sports and cultural activities. He realized he has no Guru or Guidelines to explore interests of his life. Finally completed diploma and worked as service engineer. In this process he looked at the school education system, there were many lack of skills and values, so every person must have values and be skill full. So with these thoughts he decided to put his ideas and support the schools and other educational institutes to give the best to present generation.

With few experiences Unique Truth has realized that parents play an important role in a child’s life. A healthy parenting can create healthy mind to the society, keeping this in mind, awareness programs for the parents came into plan. These thoughts lead to the journey of Unique Truth.

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