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Methodic Foods Private Ltd has been formed with a clear objective to develop Cloud base Kitchens, Since December 2016, Methodic Foods Private Limited has been delivering 300 orders daily and is recognized as the “Best Cloud Kitchen of the Year.”
by RedFM’s 2018–19 season. Currently, we own 4 brands(Vittle Box, Ni Hao Namste, Love For Khichdi, and Square Thali) under this company. Now taking the brand to the next level, we are looking for franchise partners who are as determined as we are, to launch their own cloud kitchen.

Our Vision

To establish an Ecosystem of Business partners – Suppliers, Franchisees and Food Aggregators that will enable our restaurant brands t o become one o f the most preferable brands in the Food Delivery Industry across the globe by providing value proposition to customers and t o business partners.

Our Mission

To establish, t o ensure and t o supervise the ecosystem o f business partners, individually for Growth, Profitability and Sustainability.

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