HEALTHXP is seeking for franchisees, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you!

About the Authors:

HEALTHXP.IN is India’s largest online supplement retailer, selling whey proteins, isolates, gainers, and other auxiliary items to over 15000+ pincodes across the country. It is one of India’s most rapidly expanding online and offline nutritional supplement stores. The company was founded with the goal of providing affordable and dependable supplements and wellness items to assist fitness enthusiasts in obtaining genuine nutritional supplements.

USP of the brand:

A vast choice of top international and Indian brands.
An established and trusted name in the online and offline fitness and supplement business.
A business opportunity with a low investment and a large return
The franchisee receives 30% of the net sales.
Vision for the Brand:

Our mission is to provide excellent service to clients by obtaining real and original products at reasonable prices and making them available to customers in their immediate area. Our main goal is to eliminate the counterfeit supplement sector and deliver genuine supplement items to every corner of the country.

Graph of the Health Supplement Market:

By 2023, the Indian health supplement industry is predicted to be valued Rs. 2500 crores, with a CAGR of 22.8 percent. According to a recent government report, the premium whey powder segment, which represents for 20% of the Indian supplement market, is rising at a 35 percent annual pace!

Support for Basic Franchises:

Activation and promotion of the franchise in the local media. Access to a customer base of more than 500000 fitness buffs and online shoppers. NO DEAD STOCK IN THE STOCK MARKET (for first 6 months). Interior design and site selection. Module for personnel recruiting and training.

Information about the company:



Brand Fee



Exp. Monthly Sales

Profit Margin


Gold Partner Model (Only Franchise)

INR 03-10 lacs

INR 3,00,000 + taxes

150-400 sq.ft.


INR 3-4 lacs



Platinum Partner Model (Franchise + Online):





5,00,000 + taxes

300 – 2000 sq.ft


INR 6-8




There are four aspects to a franchise investment:

1) Fee for franchising

2) Interior Costs = Interior costs are determined by the size of the store. The price ranges from INR 50000 to INR 1 lakh, depending on the size and amenities.

3) The cost of the equipment is INR 50000 including taxes.

4) Aristocracy

MODEL A (Only Franchise): Gold Partner Model:

Sales, payment collection, and customer relations, store and infrastructure setup, and store and inventory management are all responsibilities of the franchisee partner.

HealthXP’s responsibilities include lead generation, stock delivery to customers’ homes, brand positioning, and digital marketing support. Operations and back-end technology Support

MODEL B (Franchise + Online): Platinum Partner Model:

Offline sales are the franchisee partner’s responsibility. Payment collection and customer relationship management for offline sales. Setup of the store and infrastructure. Online orders are packaged and sent.

HealthXP is in charge of lead generation. Online sales are routed to the appropriate franchisees. Sales are guaranteed from the start. Support for online sales and coordination of couriers. Stock delivery to your door, brand positioning, and digital marketing support Operations and back-end technology Support.

Support & Benefits: A franchise is granted exclusive geographical rights. The region will be a 15-kilometer radius around the store. The franchisee is also given advice with site selection. Franchisees can get help in the field. The franchise will include the current IT system. The advantage of owning a franchise for the rest of your life.

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