You perhaps know you want to start a business in the hair, beauty, and cosmetics industry however you may not be certain about the type of venture which is right for you. The present blog provides you a look at some of the most common hair, beauty and cosmetics businesses and the attributes you’d have if you were well-suited to running them.

It’s maybe an ideal time to join the beauty industry; it’s thought to be worth more than £410 billion across the globe and is certainly growing day by day. The skincare sector, in particular, is experiencing an upsurge in profitability, having increased in value by £15.5 million between 2014 and 2019. In the UK, 43,000 beauty businesses yields over £7.5 billion of revenue, hence there’s clearly a market for new businesses to tap into.

However, if you’re not sure which kind of beauty business is apt for you, don’t despair. We’ve created a rundown of some of the most popular sorts to help you make your mind up.

Hair salon/barbershop:

A hair salon or barbershop may be a great choice if you derive pleasure in providing hair treatments over other kinds of services. The majority of people visit a salon for their haircuts, hence, you’ll meet all sorts of people with who you can build up a relationship.

If you intend to carry out the haircuts yourself, it will be required on your part to be able to work quickly to ensure customers don’t spend hours in the chair and perform other small jobs. This can include sweeping up the workstation after each haircut and taking appointments on the phone. When you’re a hairdresser or barber, it also involves being on your feet a lot, so you’ll need to be fit enough to stand for most of your working day.

Choosing the right hair salon/barbershop franchise
The most lucrative hair businesses provide a range of various services to attract as many customers as possible. Discover businesses that offer supplementary treatments alongside cuts and blow-dries, such as hair masques, highlights, and perms. Also, most franchise partners are given a list of approved suppliers and stock, so make sure the franchise you join uses popular and high-quality products.

Before deciding to use a new hair business, several customers judge it on how it looks from the outside. Because of this reason, franchise units with a smart exterior and stylish interior are likely to outperform those that have seen better days. Bear this in mind and opt to join a franchise with an attractive brand identity and a dedication to investing in good equipment.

2. Beauty treatment salon
This header covers a range of various kinds of beauty businesses. By setting up a treatment salon, you can provide any number of the following services:

Manicures and pedicures
Waxing, eyebrow threading, and other forms of hair removal
Facials and skincare treatments
Make-up application (for weddings and other special events)
Foot treatments
By choosing a beauty franchise with the capability of offering one or more of these services, you can hone your competencies and specialize in a particular area. One of the biggest benefits of starting a business in this sector is the opportunity to be a part of your customers’ special occasions. For instance, a make-up artist might help the bride and bridesmaids get ready for a wedding.

Choosing the right beauty treatment franchise:

Beauty treatment franchises come in all shapes and sizes. Find one with an atmosphere and set of values that go well with you. Your chosen business must uphold good practices and safety standards, and move with the times, offering the latest techniques and trends to keep customers interested and involved.

You might also intend to think about joining a franchise with established partnerships. For instance, a make-up company will be able to attract more customers by attending wedding fairs or networking with event planners.

If you’re fascinated about becoming a beauty business franchisee, take a look at Lash Perfect’s investment opportunity here.

3. Massage/tanning parlor
This kind of business is similar to the treatment salons as mentioned above, however, takes a slightly different approach. The environment is relaxing and it is not necessary to make regular conversation with customers. Your clients may treat your services as more indulgent than getting their nails done, for instance, so it’s a great route if you want to develop an upmarket business.

Choosing the right massage/tanning parlor franchise

Just like the beauty treatment parlours listed above, massage and tanning parlors need to have an attractive exterior if they’re to appeal to potential customers. Hence, look out for a franchise with a smart appearance and brand identity that encourages people to foster trust. Reputation is also key for businesses offering massages and tanning services, so don’t invest in a franchise without positive reviews and good standing.

4. Beauty products store
Another route you may take is selling products as opposed to services. Opening a store will let you offer customers cosmetics, perfumes, and toiletries, and become an expert in beauty products. To excel in this position, you should be curious to advise customers and give recommendations to improve their skincare and beauty routines.

Selecting the right beauty products store franchise:

As discussed earlier, you may be limited in the stock you can choose to showcase in your store. For this particular reason, you should choose a franchise with a product range you’d be proud to sell yourself. You might also want to think about buying into a franchise with additional income streams; for example, Boots offers make-up treatments to customers who pop in.

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