How to Get the Most Out of a Franchise Expo Visit Seeking to learn about franchise operations in one or more business sectors or simply invest in a franchise? Trade shows can be a good way to do both and several franchising expos keep coming. Lately, Franchise Insider also organized franchise virtual expo sponsored by the ENQ on Aug 01, 2021. Such expos provide an opportunity to engross numerous franchisors in conversation about investment and site availability while addressing your concerns and questions. Deciding to attend involves weighing the costs and time involved with your reason to attend. These will vary depending on location as well as what you want to achieve. Nevertheless, you will want to get the most out of visit to a franchise expo. Go All In: Expos tend to be on weekends, like the one conducted by Franchise Insider; however, sometimes start earlier. It is always advisable to arrive early since the energy is high and it’s easier to strike up a conversation with strangers. Then, be there for the entire event.

For instance, if the event is targeted for Friday and Saturday, then arrive Thursday evening, and mingle with others at the hotel. It gets you more comfortable with your surroundings. It also makes you more recognizable and liable to start conversation during the event. The beginning of your expo going experience will involve attending seminars and asking several questions. But you should not leave too early because towards the end is when many appointments are set for follow-ups and discussion. The franchisors have been working the show booths, so the last day, or last few hours if the expo is only a single day event, is a good time to set future plans and relationships. Reserve the dates so you can be thorough and leave nothing on the table.

Be Strategic:

Seminar topics and show offerings are extensive, and they all offer beneficial information of some kind. However, you should try limiting yourself to the things that meet your goals. So, as you organize your time, target those seminars that resonate with you. You might need guidance on overcoming your fear or ways to avoid major pitfalls in a new franchise. Even better, there may be a seminar focused on your preferred franchise type. For instance, Franchise Virtual Expo organized by Franchise Insider has several topics like: ‘Digital Marketing and its importance in Franchising’, ‘Startup Webinar’, ‘Purpose, Process and People for Brand Expansion’, ‘Importance of Colors in Everyday Dressing’, and ‘Take your Brand Global’, and ‘Insight on Franchise Agreement’. Study over the expo schedule and speakers, and get to work marking it up long before the show. Be ready to ask number of questions to franchisors, franchisees, and other experts that are available to you. This can begin in the hotel bar before the show officially starts too. It’s a good time to solicit ideas and recommendations as well. Before leaving for a show, plan a quick meeting with the franchise reps or people you want to see the most. Then wrap up each day with more networking. The end of day chatter puts together faces and names of key industry personnel in your area of franchise interest. Those nights often make relationships and do more to contribute to your progress than visiting booths or sitting quietly in a meeting room during a seminar.

• Involve Your Stakeholders:

When you share the expo experience, it can certainly help you make your joint decisions easier and more equitable. Another person also helps to divide and win the efforts of making colleagues into friends, if that occurs on the show floor or sharing a cup of coffee with a franchisor. Franchise expos proffer a strategic opportunity to investigate investment options and connect with those who will have an influence on your future franchise site. You can attend without any fear, be well-organized and ready to make the best possible use of your time at your franchise expo visit. Franchise Insider always looks forward to organize such events. You can have an insight of our expo by clicking the links given below.

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