List of Top Salon and Spa Franchises in India

Every person, regardless of gender and age aspires to be beautiful. Whether it is an important meeting or a wedding of a closed one, we hardly miss a chance of hitting a beauty parlour to groom ourselves for the occasion.  When the signs of aging, stress and anxiety start becoming apparent on the face, people hardly need an occasion to visit the beauty parlour. Owing to the aforementioned reality, the beauty and wellness industry sector in India is experiencing a space of rapid economic growth. It is growing twice as fast as the markets of the United States and Europe. The size of India’s beauty and wellness market was more than 80,000 Crore INR at the end of 2018. This includes beauty products, beauty salon and spa businesses. Looking beautiful is the deep-seated desire of every being. This very desire is making the business flourish a lot. Also, it’s not just women but men too have become conscious of their appearances these days. Hence, it is a profitable business for lots of customers are using beauty services. From adolescent girls to women of other age groups, beauty parlours and salons are a hit and widely used.

1. Looks Unisex Salon Franchise:
Established in 1989, Looks Unisex Salon is one of the most renowned names in the Indian hair and beauty sector.  The brand has set yardstick for other salons in India and continues to stand out by following international beauty trends at affordable prices. The brand skites of experienced stylists and aestheticians who are trained by the brand to singular service. Looks Unisex Salon is equally sought-after among both men and women. At present it has around 120 outlets in India. The space required for the franchise is approximately 250 sq. ft. 

2.  Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon Franchise:
Founded in 2006, Jawed Habib is one of the leading hair and beauty salon and academy chains in India. The brand has evolved over the last 3 generations and have adopted the science of understanding and styling hair and not merely cutting or using styling products. All of its hair stylists have been meticulously trained in Jawed Habib Academy on these scientific methods of hair cutting and styling to benefit its customers. The brand offers several different types of franchise models to its investors and is known for providing ongoing support and training as well. At present, the company has more than 450 outlets in India. The space required to operate the franchise is between 150sq ft. to 1000sq ft. (varying as per model.) The amount of required investment is 20-30 Lacs.

3. Blossom Kocchar Aroma Magic Franchise:
The brand was founded in 1993 by Mrs. Blossom Kocchar, whose name is quite famous in the Indian beauty industry. The promoter of ‘green beauty’ and ‘earth to bottle’ in India, she’s been successfully operating the spa-cum-salon range for almost three decade now. The brand has also expanded itself in countries like Sri Lanka, Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand to deliver a truly relaxing all-natural spa experience. The brand has more than 10 franchises in India. The space required for the franchise is approximately 1000 sq. ft. The cost of investment is around 40-60 Lacs.

4. Geetanjali Salon Franchise:
Geetanjali Salon was co-founded by Mr. Prem Israni and Mrs. Neetu Israni in 1989 in Green Park, South Delhi, with the aim of providing world-class salon experience to clients. The legacy is being carried on by their son, Mr. Sumit Israni, who is also one of the most celebrated celebrity hairstylists in India. The brand is known for providing state-of-the-art services in all their outlets.  The investment cost can be around 50 Lacs INR and the space required can be approximately 1000 to 2000 sq. ft.

5. Affinity Salon Franchise:
Founded in 1992, Affinity Salon offers one of the most efficient franchise businesses in India.  One of the oldest and most successful salon chains in India, the present brand is known for its consistent customer service. It has more than 100 outlets in India and each of its outlet offers high-quality body care, hair care, skincare, makeup and other beauty services with a right blend of technology and human resources. The cost of investment for its franchise is between 30 to 50 Lacs while the space required can be approximately 1500 to 2000 sq. ft.

6.  Naturals Salon and Spa Franchise:
Makeover packages, spa treatment, haircuts, skincare, blow-dry, hair wash, you name a beauty service and Naturals Salon offers it. Operating since 2000, The brand provides first-rate services in the hair care, skin care and body care segment, which has helped it build a loyal and wide customer base over the years. 

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