Mithai & More franchise agreement signed for Motera, Ahmedabad. Mr. Patel, the founder of Gujarat’s most famous sweet and namkeen brand Mithai & More, has endorsed a franchise agreement with Shree Corporation. Mr. Vishwas Patel, Franchise Insider’s BDH (Business Development Head), has finalized the contract. Mr. Karan Desai (Founder of Mithai & More) and Mr. Patel (Franchisee) officially endorsed a franchise agreement on August 16, 2022.   

Mr. Patel had been a regular Mithai & More customer for many years. He was accustomed to purchasing high-quality products from the store. That made him trust Mithai & More’s service and products. As an entrepreneur, he was looking for a company that offered Mithai & More franchises and came across Franchise Insider. He looked at franchises online. Vishwas Patel scheduled a meeting with him. Mr. Patel came for a meeting and they discussed the franchise model and marketing strategy of Mithai & More. 

And when everything was in motion. The owner of Mithai & More and Franchise Insider began looking for a location to finalize the outlet. They have inquired about the number of sites based on market demand. And finally, it was accomplished despite the fact that the proprietor of Mithai & More and Mr. Vishwas Patel visited the place four times to make certain. According to the current scenario, they intend to hold the outlet’s opening ceremony within the next two months. The franchise training will be provided to Mr. Patel (outlet owner) from Mithai & More Maninagr Store. 

This is how a client started their Entrepreneurship journey. Mithai & More has 11 outlets in Gujarat, and the arrangement signed on August 16th will be the 12th outlet. Mithai & More is quickly becoming one of Gujarat’s fastest-growing sweet and namkeen brands. That provides a tremendous opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a new firm. 

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