Mithai and more, who have marked its presence for 4 decades. Already running Their 8 outlets in the state of Gujarat. This Diwali expanded their business by opening four more Franchise outlets in Ahmedabad.

Established in 1982, Running His Grandfather’s Legacy, Mr Karan Desai is the current head of the Brand. From starting a small business of simple Dairy products Today, Mithai and more has become one of the leading dairy Products brands throughout the country. Mithai and more offer both Online as well as offline services. 

With constantly Innovating and keeping the quality of the product intact, This Brand has grown massively in the dairy product market. While keeping up with the Changing trends that customer demand, The Industry has shown tremendous Success by simply adapting to the latest Technology. 

With the strategy of moving at a slow pace for sustainable growth, maintaining the Logistics, Supply chain, and marketing activities. All these factors collectively result in making this Franchise Successful. Keeping in mind The Industry’s sales Target, By Practicing Marketing techniques like Radio, Pamphlets and social media, The Industry Reaches 30-40% of Growth Every year.

One of the unique concepts of adding Stevia-based sweets to their products has been a game changer for the chain.

Selling their products via their website has added to their success in other parts of the country as well. 

Mithai and more is a dairy product business that works 365 days. Hence, their sheer commitment towards providing fresh products daily while maintaining their product quality has resulted in making them stand out from others, ensuring long-term profit.

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