Tea is the most favored business of all time, in every part of India. The merchandisers vend different types of tea prepared by automatic machines or in the traditional way, i.e. on the cookstove. Planning to open your own tea franchise business? In future, this composition will help you in chancing a detailed companion towards how to start a tea franchise business with a small quantum of investment in a country like India. It contains a business plan with cost and profit periphery. Starting a small tea franchise business is veritably profitable and is a tone-satisfying business. Depending upon the investing capacity of the existent, the store can be set up in any size, at any scale. Also, the individuals can look out for notorious tea outlets giving out their votes. 
In a country like India, every time is tea time! Especially the mornings of the people in India are deficient without tea. People, without mistrustfulness, prefer tea over coffee. For every thirty mugs of tea, one mug of coffee is preferred. In an Indian grown-up’s diurnal routine, and normal of two mugs of tea is preferred every day. Occasionally it goes beyond 4-5 mugs a day. After China, India is the largest tea patron in the world and the loftiest tea-consuming country in a global position. 
Tea is one of the most popular potables consumed by the general public daily due to its added health benefits and taste. A tea franchise business, to begin with, is a perfect way to protest start a small business. Not only will it earn gains in metro metropolises, but also in small municipalities. For women looking out for openings to come financially independent, the tea shop business is a perfect option. Although to earn huge gains, the existent will have to put in a lot of hard work, long working hours, and make client connections through client commerce. 
 Kinds of tea the merchandisers can offer to the guests 
 1. Regular Tea 
 2. Masala Tea 
 3. Black tea 
4. Green tea 
 5. White tea 
 6. Unheroic tea 

Companion on how to open a tea cube business 
1. Setting up of tea franchise business plan 
Depending upon the existent’s investment capacity, a proper business model must be created. Depending upon the model, a small tea cube or a tea bar can be set up. Small tea booths will vend the tea sling with other tea-time snacks to the guests at a lower price. These booths generally don’t come with a seating arrangement. A mug of tea generally costs around Rs 5-10. Tea is offered to the guests in paper mugs or kulchas. The booths can vend other particulars similar as chuck toast, cigarettes, tobacco, polls, omelets, along with tea. This is the smallest cost model and can be set up with a minimum investment of starting. 50, 000. 
Whereas, tea bars are operated in retail locales with a proper seating arrangement and affable air. The tea there’s ended at a decoration price. They serve different kinds of tea. Tea bars bear huge capital investment. 
2. Franchise/ Power 
In recent history, the demand for tea bars has increased. A lot of companies are ready to offer votes to individualities looking to start a commodity new. To start a new business with a formerly established brand is a better option. With a well-established brand, guests start ringing in from the veritably first day. Still, if the existent has previous experience in the line of business, they can also conclude for starting their own company. A franchise is considered to be a safe option, but starting one’s own adventure can be more profitable. 

3. Profit earned by tea stalls 
Before starting the tea business, gross profit earned by dealing with one mug of tea must be calculated. A tea cube and a tea bar would surely cost different profit perimeters. A high-cost periphery cannot be anticipated from a low-cost model. In a low-cost model, i.e., a roadside tea cube a 100 gross periphery can be anticipated from one mug of tea vended as the overhead cost is estimated to be veritably low. A good quantum of profit can be earned. The footfall of the general public is good. 

4. Position 
This is the most pivotal factor while determining the profitability of the tea cube. Individualities consume tea in India from morning to evening. To start a tea cube places like marketable locales, services, shopping centers, requests, and sodalities are the stylish option. They help in icing easy availability — a place where a good number of climbers visit is also a good option. Tea is a perishable item. People prefer having it when it’s warm and on the go. So one cannot generally operate it at a place far removed from the hustle-bustle of the general public. Therefore position has to be chosen wisely where there’s a gathering of a huge crowd on a diurnal base. 
5. Cube business enrollment and license 
All businesses have to be registered first before they’re started. The tea booths are generally run on procurement models. To run grounded on a procurement model, an existent’s Visage card is sufficient. Also, a trade license from the original external authority is needed to be sanctioned. For a tea bar, FSSAI enrollment and also fire license is needed. The shop proprietor will have to come up with a shop name and get the GST number. 
6. Establishment of the stor
 A small tea shop would bear a variety of implements and constituents. Minimum implements are similar as cuisine visage, ladle, sugar, milk, gas, spectacles, and chai leaves. The cube can also be set upon a van so that changing position if need be, can also be an option. 
7. Go online 
There are a lot of websites on the internet promoting the tea business online. A quality website can be set up with a nominal investment, and the tea trade can shoot up. The shop’s establishment will help make the brand character among the being and implicit forthcoming customers. However, it’ll help gather bigger followership, if proper use of social media websites is done to spread the word about the tea cube. 
We hope our in-depth companion on how to start a tea cube turned out to be helpful for you. Starting a tea cube business in India is worth a shot as drinking tea is in no way going out of fashion in this country. But it needs a lot of planning to make the tea business a huge success. However, it’ll open new options for further expansion, if one chooses to start their own store rather than going to take a franchise. The tea business has huge implicit and also with changing times the demand for good tea cafes are adding. It’s fund-friendly for the guests and is the stylish option for a small match-up with musketeers as, in India, a lot further can be over a mug of tea than any other libation! 

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