5 Ways to Work Smarter in Your Franchise

Some entrepreneurs get way more done than others without working their fingers to the bone. You got it right, we are talking about people who have cut the mustard with increased productivity without toiling themselves away and multitasking to madness. Working smarter doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Here are some tips for you to get started:

1.    Multitasking doesn’t imply Productivity:

Well, you may think that multi-tasking may lead to increased productivity. Well, in most cases it does the opposite. Business Studies show that multitasking yields fruitful results for extremely few and selective people. When you chase two rabbits at once, you get none.

2.  Have Set Processes in Writing:

In Business world, having set processes in black and white does wonder. Sitting down and creating process documents needs to be done. If not, you end up wasting time and your efforts lack consistency. Moreover, when you’re down to hire an employee or outsource tasks, these process docs make it smoother to get the results you’re after.

3. Track Progress:

Keeping track of completed steps for each project, especially long ones is inevitable. When the end seems far away, it is rewarding to see the progress you have made so far.  Feeling accomplished sometimes has to come in steps and not at once. That’s why, better evaluate what you completed and review the next day’s priorities for a feeling of accomplishment.

4. Delegate:
Mostly, you may not be good at everything and the same implies that someone can and should do some tasks. You should utilize others’ talents be it an employee or an outside contractor. When everyone is used to their highest potential, it results in higher production level. Whether it is payroll or fleet maintenance issues, maybe someone else would do faster and better work than you. 

5. Keep Communication Clear:

Every organization faces communication challenges to some extent. If you work upon your skills, misunderstandings will reduce. Moreover, the more collaborative you’re, the less time you’ll need to dedicate to overcoming avoidable mistakes. Qualitative communication is directly proportional to efficiency of the team.

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