6 Reasons to Consider Coffee Franchise

The coffee culture is growing at a great rate and it is favourite among young and old alike. The demand for high quality coffee is increasing at full tilt every year in India. With scads of Gen Z and millennials preferring to work, study and hang out at coffee chains (like Starbucks), it has become entrenched in our lifestyle and has become a called for part of our culture. The present blog explicates upon the reasons to invest in coffee franchise in India.

1. Doesn’t Require Much Space:
A coffee house doesn’t stand in need of much space to operate. The compact vending machine along with add-on items can easily be installed in a small area. Also, most people have coffee while they zip around being busy, are on-the-go or while commuting and that’s why you need not have an extensive seating arrangement. Considering all these factors, you save a lot on your real estate rent or purchase for sure.

2. It’s Trendy and Provides Sustainable Growth:
Coffee shops are all the go, voguish and popular right now.  Coffee shops are gradually becoming an intrinsic part of Indian culture and life which a multitude of us turn to for both working and social occasions. Regardless of the reason, coffee shops are trendy. According to business research scholars, the per capita income in India is expected to increase to more than 2.6 Lac by 2025 with discretionary spending increasing up to 45% and this drives a healthy consumption. Today, Indian population of metro cities do not mind spending 200-400Rs. on a single cup of joe. 

3. No Need for Prior Experience:
Prior business experience is not necessarily called for to buy and run a coffee shop franchise.  Learning to operate a coffee vending machine isn’t over your head and it’s easy to find trained and cost-effective staff to manage the counter. You can even hire someone with little to no experience and get them ready in less than a week.

4. Lower Risk of Failure:
A coffee shop franchise provides a lower risk of business failure. Owning a franchise of an established reputed brand has reduced risk as you’re buying established business concepts that have been tested, proven and successful. Also, franchise business is always safer and more secure than independent businesses. Also, franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses. There exists 80% of survival chance in franchise business while only 20-30% in independent businesses started from scratch.

5. Established Business Model:
The business model plays a vital role in the success of any company. When you buy a coffee franchise, you will have a brand benefits for sure coupled with getting an established model where you have an opportunity to earn money with good margins. Since products and services would already have captured a market share, you need to make a few efforts as compared to start-up businesses. Also, since franchisors have already established relationships with suppliers, you wouldn’t need to make many efforts for the procurement of raw materials.

6. Training and Support:
“Training and support” one of the biggest advantages of buying a coffee shop franchise. Franchisors ensure that franchisees are trained on how to run the business leading to business growth and smooth operation. Most of the coffee franchises come with firm and comprehensive launch programs that help the new owner set up the business without any hurdle.  Typically, 4 week long training and on-going support from your own franchise development manager is given to the franchisee. Since franchise partners hold the reputation of the brand in their hands, you will not be left on your own.

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