Are you a car lover? Here are top 5 Franchises for You. 

If you’re one of those car lovers who has always wished of managing your own business, there’s myriads of investment opportunities out there. But it is inevitable to take your time and consider what type of franchise is the best match for you. It will be required on your part to consider what aspect of vehicle maintenance you would like to specialize in and how much you intend to invest. While experience in the automotive industry is not mandatory for franchise ownership, the combination of love and enthusiasm for cars is likely to help in the long run. The present blog enlists top five franchise investments for car lovers.


ChipsAway was established in the USA but launched in the UK in 1994. Since its launch, the network has broadened its horizon and is now made up of more than 200 franchise partners. The franchise considers itself both the pioneer of, and the dominant operator in, the Small to Medium Area Repair Technology (SMART) sector. This is the part of the automotive repair industry dealing with small and medium-sized repair jobs. While the vast majority of franchise partners operate van-based franchises, there are also around 40 Car Care centres across the country.

ChipsAway franchise partners emphasise on providing mobile vehicle repair services around their territory. Functioning out of a mobile workstation, they repair paint scratches, bumper damage, and smaller sized dents. The hest for these services remains high across the country and the franchise guarantees that all new franchise partners will receive a minimum of £80,000 of work enquiries within the first year of business itself.

To become a franchise partner of one of the leading automotive franchises in the country, it will be required on your part to raise a minimum investment of £29,995 +VAT. This will give you access to the ChipsAway turn-key business model, four weeks of practical training, your own mobile workstation, and ongoing support and guidance.


Optic-Kleer is the UK’s leading windscreen repair specialists. Established in 1991, the franchise has developed an incredible business model that sees its franchisees typically operate out of supermarkets and shopping centres. This lets repairs to be made while customers shop making sure that visiting an Optic-Kleer business is never a chore and is always convenient. Presently, there are more than 50 franchise units in the UK, with the franchise looking to broaden its horizons into profitable new markets with the help of new franchise partners.

Using the latest tools in the industry, franchise partners will fix windscreens while their customer shops. Mostly, repairs take as little as 20 minutes and franchise need to repair just 5 windscreens a day to generate a monthly turnover of £5,460. In order to become a franchise partner, a minimum investment of £15,000 is required. In return, franchise partners will be provided with training, ongoing marketing, sales, advertising support, and all the administrative and managerial skills required to make a success of your new unit.


Autosmart was founded in 1979 and quickly became the UK’s leading provider of professional vehicle cleaning products. Presently, the franchise network is inclusive of more than 150 UK franchise partners, as well as a considerable international contingent, too. With more than 35 years of experience, the franchise has succeeded to hone its franchise model to perfection. This is validated by the number of ‘Best Franchise’ and ‘Best Franchise Recruitment’ awards Autosmart have received in recent years.

Day to day operations in the franchise consist of the delivery and demonstration of around 200 automotive cleaning products to a wide range of customers. This product range includes deodorizers, hand cleaners, paints, maintenance products, etc. Autosmart is a van-based franchise that brings down the overheads and provides franchise partners with greater flexibility.

In order to become a franchise partner, applicants must raise at least £15,000. However, the cost of owning a franchise in your desired territory and outfitting it with everything needed to excel is likely to be considerably higher. Autosmart is well known for its support system for the franchisees and is considered an attractive and beneficial investment opportunity.


eTyres has had a head start when it comes to establishing dominance in the market as the first online tyre franchise in the UK . Established in 1992, the business began franchising in 1996 and continued to broaden its horizon over the next 20 years.

As an eTyres franchise partner, you’ll deliver tyre changing services from your own mobile workstation. Another van-based franchise, eTyres augments orders by ensuring that they’re able to provide a reliable and affordable tyre fitting service to numerous customers across the UK. The franchise dilates upon honesty, convenience and professionalism above all else and hopes to attract franchise partners who share a commitment to these same attributes.

 eTyres is one of the leading franchise opportunities in the market thanks to its relative affordable. It will be required on the part of applicants to raise a minimum initial investment of £24,000, although it’s likely a larger amount will be required to give your business the best chance to succeed. eTyres’  established reputation for excellence means that many major lenders are happy to finance up to 70% of this initial investment.

The Wheel Specialist

The origins of Wheel Specialist can be traced back to 1955. The Wheel Specialist started franchising in 2007. Since then, it has become the UK’s premier alloy wheel refurbishment franchise and a well-respected brand. It specializes in alloy wheel repair, customisation, and refurbishment for a diverse varities of vehicles. It’s also able to provide powder coating, strip and refit, wheel balancing, and chroming services.

In order to become a franchise partner, applicants will need to raise an initial investment of £44,997 +VAT. It’s also inevitable to have access to liquid capital reserves of at least £40,000. In return for this investment, franchise partners will be enrolled on a respected training programme, provided with access to digital systems, marketing materials, and ongoing support and guidance from the central franchise management team.

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