Throughout the history of mankind, there has never been a better time to start your own business then there is in the present century. Also, with the upswing of Internet and related Technologies, everyone can remain connected to the desired ones regardless of one’s geographical or economic status. Well, are you thinking to launch an Online Business? Do you want to be a Work-from-home franchisee, avoid commuting every day and enjoy the fruits of remote working? You should consider digital franchises. Under the model of digital franchise, the right is sold to a franchisee that grants ownership of a local market and access to a digital technology that would enable them to build a local business, under the parent name. Franchisees buy the Authorization/rights/license to certain geographic areas and earn a profit primarily from the computers and Internet in their marked territory. As a franchisee, you own a right to the market, and the rights to leverage the brand name of a company, training, back-end systems, and customer support.

The model of Digital Franchising is an ideal for not so technologically advanced vertical markets where local businesses or industries like restaurants, mechanics, spas, etc. do not have enough time or knowledge about how to connect with their consumers or clients online; and Secondary and Tertiary markets lacking the digital connection to their local consumers. 

The benefits of the digital franchise are ample and inviting indeed. Following is the list of them:

 • Start-up Cost is Affordable:

It is known that starting a traditional, brick and mortar franchise costs you considerably whereas the digital franchise model demands the least finance from you. Also, some businesses may start with a domain name and a hosting service to house their website only.
Also, there are no overhead costs. 

 • Pandemic Friendly:

The number of COVID Cases are increasing with a course of time. Stepping out of home is always a risky task. The moment you step out, you stand a chance to bring the virus home. However, with digital franchising business you can choose to work from your home or the most comfortable zone you want to work in.

 • Flexibility of Time:

In the Digital Business, you can frame your schedule and enjoy the flexibility. Of course, if you want to run the business and succeed, you can’t afford to rest all day long for sure but you can surely be selective about your working hours, working days and phase of the day to work in.

All in all, digital franchise indeed can allow franchisors and franchisees to scale at an incredible pace with its blend of technology and locally vested execution. 

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