Digital Gaming Franchises Can Be a Profitable Business Option in Emerging India

Globally, India is amongst the top five countries for digital gaming. Needless to say, video games have always been a great source of entertainment for almost everyone belonging to varied age groups. But would anyone have thought that the same video games can evolve as one of the most profitable business ideas in the coming years. The digital video gaming industry is now growing at a tremendous rate in India. Since India is witnessing a quick upsurge in disposable income, the Indian population is now looking out for incredible experiences that could help them enjoy, forgetting their day-to-day workaholic lifestyle. This heightening demand from customers has somewhere forced entrepreneurs to focus on a segment like digital gaming which carries a huge potential for sure as an industry in itself. After all, video games can attract a large number of masses in a short space of time.

India: The Growing Hub for Digital Gaming

India is among the top five countries for digital gaming in the world. The industry has shown rapid progress in the last couple of years as Alibaba backed-Paytm, Tencent, Youzu, and Nazara investing in the industry, backing it up.

Presently, the Indian gaming industry is worth around $890 million where the demand for games will be on an upward curve. The country has more than 250 game development companies with at least two startups coming every year.

With the availability of franchise options in this industry, the segment is predicted to experience good growth in the future, welcoming new entrepreneurs to grow their digital gamins business through franchising.

Increased Accessibility acting as a Booming Factor

Folks can easily download games onto their smartphones at the tap of their screen, which is directly contributing to the rise in the popularity of the gaming industry in India. Apparently, the rise in cell phones adoption is running parallel to the increase in the mobile gaming industry.

Many game developers such as Corporate Fantasy League, Moon Frog, 99Games, Play Simple, and Mech Mocha are capitalizing on the growth in smartphone usage to build their businesses. Also, Corporate Fantasy League recently announced its franchise-based model for expanding its business through offline stores as well.

The Growing Popularity of E-Sports

What is responsible for bringing in a new trend upon which some firms have been quick to capitalize is nothing but gamification. The trend is popularly being known as ‘E-Sports’ which is picking up steam in the Indian business ecosystem at a tremendous speed.

Businessmen and investors are planning to develop an ecosystem for enabling competitive online and offline gaming, working on creating local leagues and further boosting esports as spectator sports in India.

Electronic Sports League (ESL) is one innovative approach of Nazara Technologies which is a mobile game publishing company. Dream 11 is another digital gaming innovation that has grabbed the Indian market by storm, welcoming millions of users to participate and win digitally.

Introduction of AR/VR in Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is another fast-growing vertical in the country. Through constant innovation and experimentation, gaming entrepreneurs are trying to create an environment digitally where users could enjoy the real aspect of a sport through innovative usage of AR and VR technologies.

Franchising Elevating the Digital Gaming Industry

Franchising is now a one-stop destination for all businessmen that dream of achieving big. Even the Indian entrepreneurs are showing their interest in this business model that can help them operate and grow, especially in the modern-day stiff industry.

IB Cricket is a renowned brand in the digital gaming sector that is also into franchising. Through its innovative and welcoming services, the brand is targeting aspiring, potential, and dedicated franchisees that can help them grow the business through franchising.

In fact, this model is believed to transform this industry into a more organized form, generating numerous opportunities for both the customers and entrepreneurs.

The standard franchise business model of IB Cricket would cost you around INR 22.5 lakhs, including all the equipment, software, hardware, and furnishings. While the premium business model would cost you around INR 25 lakhs with Return on Investment (ROI) to be around INR 60 lakhs-1.2 Cr in four years.

The present era being certainly an era of technology and franchising, the future of digital gaming industry looks bright and promising in India. So are you ready to invest in a digital gaming franchise business?

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