Emerging Brands in Gujarat

The scope of franchising is widening with the course of time at global level and Gujarat is no different. Gujarat has always been a hub of innovative and smart entrepreneurs. The state has number of franchising brands emerging in it. The present blog enlists them as follows:

  1. Urban Khichdi:

Urban Khichdi was established in 2018, with a vision to produce nutritious, affordable, simple yet exhilarating meals for one and all. The brand has built under a simple decree -” Bunk the Junk.” It yearns to fetch an assortment of cuisines and recipes that will forever be nostalgic, wholesome as well as healthy for daily consumption. The brand persistently endures to explore an assortment of delectable recipes, using the absolute basic ingredients and strives to offer a healthy, nutritious meal on the table. It aspires to bring back the long-lost traditional recipes with a hint of its touch in this ever-evolving era.  The brand currently has 6 franchise outlets in Gujarat. With investment amount of 40-50 lac INR, you can become a franchise partner of the brand and earn lucratively along with round-the-clock support from the brand.

  1. Dakshination:

Established in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, Dakshination is one stop destination for all those who are fond of South-Indian Cuisine. When it comes to menu, the brand has way more than quintessential dosai, idli, uttapam or appam to offer.  Its South Indian mouth- watering cuisine with a rich tantalizing aroma will fill your nostrils with a sense of delight for sure. The budget for franchise opportunities is below 40 lac INR. The brand has three franchise outlets in Gujarat.

  1. Kulchas and More:

Established in Vadodara, Kulchas and More provides you with such a friendly dining restaurant providing fresh kulchas and other mouth-watering delicacies that you feel you’re in Punjab. Kulcha is a traditional and quintessential part of Punjabi cuisine which when coupled with Pindi Chole and chilled lassi can gift you with the best of experience. The brand collects a nominal fee of 7 lac INR and provides you with complete assistance and round the clock support. The brand has three outlets.

  1. Balista:

Established in 2016, Balista is currently all set to set its wings across four continents. The home-made original recipes of balista have already gained sizable fan-following in Gujarat. Unique pizza wheat flour base, burger veg patty, chana patty, banana patty, wheat flour bread, and wheat flour wrap has found their own loyal customers, who look for taste and health both. The unique way of preparation, which avoids overcooking, keep vegetables’ nutritious values intact. Their months-long research has made them come up with chemical and stabilizers free hummus recipes, green chutney, pesto pasta, and pizza pasta sauce.The food quality is not confined to ingredients. It extends to its packaging. Balista strives to deliver a high-quality complete package. For the same, they prefer nothing but grade packaging material. The investment amount of brand will be 15 to 30 lac INR.

  1. Milk Palace:

Milk Palace was established in 1993 in Surat, Gujarat, with a vision to provide its clients with exclusive, one of a kind and luscious milk products. The brand has some incredible milk products like Chocolate Paneer, Basil Oregano Paneer, Capsicum White Pepper Paneer, Anjeer Pizza and Kamal Bhog in its menu to offer. With an investment amount of just 10 lac INR, it offers high returns and profitability. The brand has 11 franchise outlets. If you’re seeking recession-proof franchise opportunity with “Round-the-clock” support? Milk Palace is the right fit for you.

  1. Brown Burger:

Brown Burger was established in 2015 with a vision to serve the healthiest and tastiest burgers to its customers. The brand has a massive range of offerings including multigrain burgers, healthy smoothies and shakes, and snacks to name a few, which makes it a wholesome food joint. In coming years, the BBC team aims to transform into a truly Indian QSR brand that offers 100% ‘desi’ taste across the country and propagates Indian culture to connoisseurs, to disrupt the conventional fast-food QSR segment in India and make Indians believe that tasteful pleasures can be healthy too. The brand has around 25 franchise outlets. The investment amount required is 15-20 lac INR.

  1. Suntosh Bakery:

Established in 1963 by Mr. Krishnachand K Khodeja at a very small scale with a compact shop, big dreams and prodigious ambitions, Suntosh bakery is presently one of the leading bakery brands in Surat. The bakery has been bringing Suratis together and making them smile for around 60 years. The bakery provides you with the wide range of bakery products including Khari, Toasts, Cakes, Pastries, Cream Rolls, Buns, Breads, Cookies, etc.  The bakery is one stop shop to satiate your cravings for the bakery items.  The brand has four units in surat and is looking forward to expand on franchising. If you are interested in buying a bakery franchise with round-the-clock support and assistance in South Gujarat, there can be no other better fit than Suntosh Bakery. The investment amount required will be 15 lac INR.

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