Essential Elements of a Franchise Marketing Strategy

No matter how much competition is there, a well-planned franchise marketing strategy can scale up your business and help you make a grade. Marketing Strategy can be a complex process in terms conceptualizing, explaining and implementing. However, the present blog attempts to explicate the same in simpler and comprehensible ways.

  1. Divide Your Audience:

Having best products/services and most creative advertisements are certainly not enough unless you deliver it to the right person/consumer/customer. This means if delivery of services is done to wrong person, it won’t help you in your business.  This is applicable to both, franchisors looking for franchise buyers or a franchisee who wants to attract more people to your business. The central idea behind the discussion is that if you want to bring the most of your marketing efforts, your marketing plans should begin with your core audience in mind.

To know who’s most likely to buy from you, Ask following questions to yourself:

  1. What are the best features of your product/service?
  2. How can the attractive features of your products/service, be translated into customer’s benefits.
  3. What makes your services/products stand out from other products/services of the same sector in the market?
  4. Are customer’s main objectives known to you?
  5. What sources of marketing influences your clients the most?
  6. Prioritize Channeling Platform:

Strengthening your presence on every platform is not a bad idea. However, you should know which platform is used by the target audience and which channel impacts the most. Tracking every channel is a good strategy only if,

For example, if your target audience is young people below 25 years of age, Instagram may be a better option than Facebook. Similarly, twitter hasn’t penetrated India much. The tested You should address following questions:

  1. Maintaining Consistent Branding:

No matter if you’re a franchisor or franchisee, you have to ensure that you maintain consistent branding across all your franchises and channels. You should communicate your value proposition in the same way across all channels- Offline, Online, TV, Radio, Direct Mail, or anything else. A significant element to brand identity is tone of voice. To ensure that your franchise brand stays consistent, you should begin off with creating a brand manual including details about your voice-tone, preferred professional terms and general code of conduct.

  1. Ensure measuring your efforts before you start:

Owing to digital analytics, you can track your results quite deeply to realize how much leverage you have. For example, Facebook allows you to track the results of your franchise advertising efforts. You can check how much of your video was actually watched by a particular group on Facebook. In case of email marketing campaigns, you can see how many people opened your email and clicked on the offer inside. If you run any other digital marketing campaigns, you can check Google Analytics to see which campaign brought in the best results, where the most traffic comes, and much more.

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