If you are an entrepreneur looking for a franchise business opportunity and anticipating what it could be? Gujarat might not be the first place you think of. Let’s emphasize changing this perception and know that you must be wrong. 

In India, the Franchise business is flourishing at a good pace and a lot of entrepreneurs are looking to buy a franchise. In Gujarat, you will come across many franchise opportunities that may lead you to greater heights of success. 

It is not necessarily important for you to live in Gujarat to start a franchise. Let’s explore all the great franchise opportunities in the cities of Gujarat that are running smoothly and are open to all interested individuals. 

Mithai and More

Mithai and More is a 40-year-old legacy brand. Mr Karan Desai is the current head of the Brand. Mithai and More is one the leading dairy product franchise in the country. With 12 outlets running in the various cities of Gujarat, Mithai and More are spreading their wings everywhere. It is a unique franchise opportunity for those who are interested in dairy-food Franchise. A fast-growing franchise that demands consistency and passion. 

The total Investment for this franchise is 25 lacs.

Kudoz Eatery

A small ice cream business turned into a cafe-restaurant in the cities of Gujarat, Kudoz eatery has become a one-stop for every youngster. With 15+ outlets, this franchise has just started to shine and is planning to be in the business for a very long time. You can start your franchise with 17-20 Lacs of investment with a very small location.

Sheetal Cool Products

Started as ‘Sheetal Pan & Drinks In 1987, the journey of the Late Shri Jagdishbhai D. Bhuva who geared up his entrepreneurial Mindset to
become a leading brand owner in the small town of Amreli, Gujarat. We are a Family of 35000+ Retailers representing our brand in India and the International market offering various products in 160+ cities of India. Evolved with time, Sheetal cool products have become a multi-distribution network. The support and faith of our customers have led SHEETAL to Fly High.

Vipul Dudhiya Sweets

One of the most renowned sweet shops in Gujarat is Vipul Dudhiya Sweets, which has been delighting customers since 1985. Founded in a small 150 sq. foot store in the bustling Paldi area of Ahmedabad, the shop quickly gained a reputation for its delicious and high-quality sweets. Over the years, Vipul Dudhiya Sweets has expanded its operations and is now the proud owner of a vast 1800sq. foot flagship
store located in Nehrunagar.

Today, Vipul Dudhiya Sweets continues to offer an extensive range of sweets and desserts that are beloved by customers from all over the world. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Indian sweet like Matho or want to try something new and exotic, Vipul Dudhiya Sweets has something for everyone. With its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder that Vipul Dudhiya Sweets has become a household name in Gujarat and beyond.


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