Starting a new business is one step. But erecting a recognizable brand name that attracts guests everyplace takes time of work. 
Still, franchising might be a logical option for you to start with if you’re looking to enter the eatery assiduity. It presto tracks your trip by attaching a well-known brand name. 
Confused about where to start? In this blog post, we’re answering all questions related to food franchising in India. So that you’re equipped with all the knowledge to start your trip. 
Let’s begin! 
Is taking a food franchise profitable in India? 
Then’s a success story 
As participating in the Economic Times, Ravi Jaipuria, president of the intimately held RJ Corp is India’s newest billionaire, with a fortune estimated at Rs crore. He has erected through being a franchisee for brands like Pepsi, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Costa Coffee. 
While this might be a unicorn illustration. There are a lot of other small business possessors that have served from eatery franchising. 
According to Restaurant India, the Indian franchising assiduity is estimated at$ 24 billion with anticipation to reach$ 35 billion by 2020. 
Angad Singh who has been successfully running votes of New York Pizza and Fried Chicken in Chandigarh explains in an interview – “Both my father and I are passionate about food, but neither of us had the moxie to set up and run a business. Taking a franchise was the logical answer.” 
So how does a restaurant franchise work? 
The introductory franchising language 
Franchisee The reality that purchases the rights to the business and runs its day-to-day operations. 
Franchisor The reality that owns the intellectual property. 
Franchise Granting rights for another reality to use your name, fashions, look & feel, trademarks to conduct business. 

Restaurant Franchise 
Entering into a franchise agreement means that you – the franchisee – purchase the right to vend goods or services using the franchisor’s trademark or trade name for a specified period of time. 
While there are different franchise models followed by different brands, the core concept is investors pay a franchise figure to unlock access to a brand. Everything from menu particulars to design and layout is precisely specified, and franchisees are anticipated to follow the given protocol. Doing so ensures the brand is fluently recognizable and brings in business from Day 1. 

Types of food franchise models 
Master Franchising 
It’s a franchising contract in which the master franchisor (the proprietor of the eatery) hands over the control of the franchising conditioning in a specified home to a person or reality, called the ‘master franchisee’. And also, with respect to indigenous issues, the franchisee will assume the part of the franchisor. 
Exemplifications Gordhan Thal, Honest. 

Single-Unit Franchising 
These are ‘proprietor- drivers’, i.e. in addition to being the proprietor, you have to work as the primary driver or the director for your eatery. Single-unit franchising is also known as direct franchising. It’s one of the most popular franchising types in India. 
Exemplifications Sankalp group, Havmor. 

Multi-Unit Franchising 
In this type, a franchisee purchases further than one franchise from a franchisor. The franchisee takes up the power and responsibility to grow the business for all these units. 
Exemplifications – Subway.

Company- Possessed Franchising 
The crucial difference in this model is that the brand establishes its own representative office in the country and helps the franchisee in setting up a business. The representative office has a platoon to work nearly with the franchisee and is responsible for creating the brand image and consumers connect with the brand. 
Exemplifications Pizza Hut, Daoghfather 

Area Development Franchising 
Area development franchising is relatively analogous to multi-unit franchising. The difference is that it generally involves a lesser number of units encompassing a larger territorial area. Area inventors have the occasion to raise brand mindfulness relatively fleetly. 
Example Opening up a Dubai brands’ franchise units in India 
How important does a restaurant franchise cost? 
The one-time investment of opening a franchise is a collation of colorful charges. It includes the setting up of the needed structure, from lounges to software, to the hiring of staff and their uniforms. It also includes a franchise figure and a refundable security deposit. 
According to the Economic Times, the investment and average break indeed period for different types of eatery models is as follows. 
Pavilion or Outlet at a Food Court 
This is ideal for someone who wants to test the waters and start small. 
Investment needed 5-15 lacs 
Average break indeed period –0.5-2 times 

Cate Parlor or a Bakery 
Still, choose this type, If you have always had a passion for goodies and baking but need brand support to start. 
 Investment needed 15-35 lacs 
 Average break indeed period – 2-3 times 
QSR or Casual Dining 
Still, these will be the approximate commercials involved, If you want to start off with a fast-food chain or casual dine-in. 
Investment needed-35-50 lacs 
 Average break indeed period – 2-5 times 
Bar, Couches, or Fine-Dine. 
A bar or dine-in property requires further investment than the other models. Pick your choice of brand wisely. 
Investment needed – Further than 50 lacs 
Average break indeed period – 4-6 times 
Other charges in running a food franchise include 
Either a kingliness figure or a commission on the trade charged by the franchisor. This varies from 5-30, depending on the eatery, and can be paid quarterly, yearly, annually, or only formerly. Utmost franchisees consider it a small cost to pay for the training, brand value, and support that the parent eatery brand offers. 

Still, also you’re ready to start an eatery, If these answers are substantial yes. Else, taking up a franchise will be your safest option with a guarantee of steady income. 
The coming way 
We hope this companion answered your questions about food franchising. And that you’re all set to make a well-informed decision. Need help in reaching a brand or have further questions? We’d be happy to help you on your trip. 
Good luck in your hunt!

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