Make a career change with an Optician Franchise

In India, the eyewear market is commanded by unorganized segment, however, the organized share of the market is quickly gaining speed and set to progress at a CAGR of more than 9% to reach $13.6 billion by 2024. Opticians are few of the most trusted professionals operating in India. Hardly will there be a high street in India without an optician franchise which means that for the right franchisee, this could be a very attractive career change to make. With the total market size of over £4 billion, working in the optical sector can be an affluent opportunity for the right franchisee. Moreover, the eye care industry is set up perfectly for franchise businesses and opportunities, with much of the sector already being commanded by large optical franchises.

Don’t be in the illusion that this is a sector already sewn up. According to Statistic report, the UK population is underserved by the amount of opticians operating; in 2017, there was only one optician per 10,000 people, whereas in neighboring countries such as France, there were five. For an ambitious franchisee, this is still a market with a whole lot of scope for growth and progress.

Why make a career change with an optician franchise?

As an eye care franchisee, your role will have dual aspects. On the one hand, your job will be concerned to generate sales for both your individual store and for your franchise as a whole. However, this is a role that will require you to step simply beyond a title of the job.

As you’ll be providing an essential service, your clients will require you to be a source of expertise too. Before determining if this is the right industry for you to work in, you will want to ensure that you have either some pre-existing knowledge, or are willing to become an expert (or employ experts) in eyewear and eye care. You will be providing good levels of customer care along with achieving sales, so you will desire to have good customer service skills as well.

When it comes to operating your own business, you will also likely need to be:

How to make a career change with an optician franchise

You’ve already taken a big step in your franchising journey, if you’ve decided to make a career change with an optician franchise. So, now that you’ve taken the first step, what do you need to do to make a career change?

  1. Research the market

Needless to say, when you come to open a business within the optical industry, you will need to know as much as possible about the sector you’ll be working in. Your research should be broad and take into account a few different factors, such as:

The mentioned ones are simply some suggestions of things to consider, but as you look to progress your own franchising career, you will need to ask yourself personal questions that concern your own priorities.

  1. Consider any new trends

Just like most other sectors, the eye care industry has had to adapt to new ways of working throughout the pandemic. While making these changes might have been challenging at first, over time they have helped businesses engage their existing customers and gain new ones. As you consider what kinds of working practices you intend to use, you may want to take some of these new ways of working.

  1. Devise a strong marketing campaign 

With high streets hit so forcefully over the last few months, customers in your area will be pleased to see such an essential business returning. You just need to figure out how to get these customers through the door.

One of the many advantages to run a franchise is the amount of training, support and expertise that is offered to franchise partners to help make their franchising journey smoother. One such example is the level of both marketing training and expertise available to you as you open your own business. 

You are not the first new franchisee and you won’t be the last, so do take advantage of as much of your franchisor’s expertise as you can. 

  1. Go the extra mile

Although franchising come with ample security than many other types of businesses, this doesn’t mean you won’t be pushed. Starting any kind of new business brings with it a lot of potential pitfalls, but with the required skills and attitude, you will be in a great position to power through these challenges and come out the other end. From an individualistic perspective, be prepared to go the extra mile to get your business started. The more effort you put in now, the greater the reward will be in the coming point of time.

Make a career change with an optical franchise today. There are many pros associated with an optical franchise business. You’ll be providing an essential service, be a trusted professional and will be able to enjoy plenty of profits in the process. There are many other resources on Franchise Insider dedicated to help you find, start and run the perfect franchise, so if you intend to know more about franchising and related franchise opportunities, refer the website of Franchise Insider.

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