Reasons to Invest in Beauty and Wellness Franchise Instead of Starting Your Own business.

Every person, regardless of gender and age aspires to be beautiful. Whether it is an important meeting or a wedding of a closed one, we hardly miss a chance of hitting a beauty parlour to groom ourselves for the occasion.  When the signs of aging, stress and anxiety start becoming apparent on the face, people hardly need an occasion to visit the beauty parlour. Owing to the aforementioned reality, the beauty and wellness industry sector in India is experiencing a space of rapid economic growth. It is growing twice as fast as the markets of the United States and Europe. The size of India’s beauty and wellness market was more than 80,000 Crore INR at the end of 2018. This includes beauty products, beauty salon and spa businesses. Looking beautiful is the deep-seated desire of every being. This very desire is making the business flourish a lot. Also, it’s not just women but men too have become conscious of their appearances these days. Hence, it is a profitable business for lots of customers are using beauty services. From adolescent girls to women of other age groups, beauty parlours and salons are a hit and widely used.

Do you wish to buy a beauty parlour or salon or spa franchise? Here’s why a beauty parlour franchise is more beneficial as compared to starting a beauty parlor from scratch.

  1. You can Focus on growing the business faster:

 When starting a business from scratch, a lot of time gets spent on research, business plan creation etc.  Also, mostly you would do it without any professional assistance. Also creating brand awareness and attracting customers and their faith takes a substantial time. Whereas in franchising, you get adequate assistance in areas such as documentation, lease, location, staffing, marketing, creating business plan, etc. Also, in franchising you don’t need to spend time on the brand awareness for the brand is already reputed along with the wide customer base.

  1. Receiving Immense Support:

In franchising the success of the franchisor is tied up with the success of it’s franchisee. Hence, the franchisor would provide the adequate support required on the part of franchisee to get the franchise up and running.

In the areas such as IT, Marketing, Training, and Sales, you get the support from the franchisor.  Also your questions would be answered by the executive team.

  1. The Business Brand Instills the Confidence in the Franchisee:

It is the fact that people feel comfort with the brand that they know and trust. Thus, it’s always beneficial, easier and more cost effective to attract customers when you invest in an established beauty franchise brand with a good reputation. Whereas otherwise you would need a considerable space of time for your own brand to be recognized, heard, seen and trusted by the consumers.

  1. Lesser Mistakes:

In franchising the chances of making big mistakes gets away for the same have already been committed by the franchisor while the brand was in its making. The brand has gone through enough of trails, tests and errors in its initial stage. Well, this definitely doesn’t imply that the franchisee won’t make mistakes in his journey to make a mark. It’s just that bigger mistakes that could affect the business badly would most probably not be committed.

  1. Investment in a Proven System:

 It is known that the Beauty Industry is booming in India and the profitability of the business is also high. The demand for the Beauty Parlors, Spa or Salon is substantial and would certainly multiply in the coming years. However, when the demand is high so is the competition. And surviving in the business sector with enough competition is not a child’s play indeed. In franchising, you invest in a well-structured, well- managed and proven system and business plan. This very well-designed system has everything ensuring the success.

  1. Brand Recognition:

It is undeniable that it takes a lot of time to create a trust for the brand in the minds of the consumers. Even the most reputable brands at present which have shone out in their respective sectors had enough struggle to instill the trust and comfort in the minds and the hearts of the people for them to approach towards the brand. In franchising, you invest on a brand which has gone through substantial struggle and time to get the reputation, it enjoys at present. Also as stated earlier, you invest in a well-structured, well- managed and proven business plan. You get the consumer recognition as well when getting the franchise of the brand.

  1. High Revenue, Low Investment:

You may not have to invest in franchise as much as you would have while starting your own business. One of the reasons is that you need to spend on marketing, lease negotiation etc. on your own. While in franchising, marketing and promotion are generally taken care of by the franchisors and you get a reputed brand name helping you get the customers. Hence, in a beauty franchise you can get your business running with an investment of 10 Lakhs and sometimes even less than that.

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