Successful Franchise Hiring

After investing in franchise, buying it, building up your office space and having all marketing materials printed, you need a team. Hiring for a franchise comes with number of challenges. Who to hire and what to look for while hiring can be a big question for you. The present blog enlists some useful tips that will help you develop an effective recruitment strategy and hire the best of the slot for the organization.

  1. Consult your Franchisor:

It’s always advisable to consult franchisor because they can advise you on which employees you will benefit from hiring and your franchisor would most likely already have some job description templates that can be used by you as a guide to start from. It also advisable to meet other owners in the network. It may be possible that other franchise partners have employees that are moving and want to work in the same sector/industry. In such cases, you may benefit from being able to bring on an employee that comes with a recommendation besides having a working knowledge of how your company works.

  1. Develop a Hiring Plan:

As a franchise owner you might underestimate the significance of hiring plan. However, establishing an efficient hiring plan early on is important.  It refers to a prearranged strategy for hiring employees acting as a timeline for companies to find qualified applicants without causing any downtime. It also identifies all the goals for a specific position.

  1. Create Intriguing and Accurate Job Descriptions:

Job descriptions should be intriguing enough to be able to draw in candidates right away.  Also ensure that the job descriptions are not only intriguing but accurate and detailed as well without being too lengthy. You can put yourself in the position of an applicant to know what they would search for. It is recommended to insert keywords to help candidates find your openings. Also, multiple versions of the same job description but with a different job title helps you attract a broader base of candidates. you can make your job description stand out by mentioning out-of-the-box benefits you would offer. Things like flexible work schedules, monthly company outings, or even weekly office lunches can be included.

  1. Be considerably deliberate in your Communications:

The interview and hiring process is equally stressful for both you as a franchise owner and for the applicants. You should respond to those who have submitted a CV to your business in a timely manner. Whether they are considerable for the job or not a good fit should be known to them as quickly as possible.  Be measured, deliberate and succinct in your communications so that the candidate knows where they stand in the process.

  1. Train Thoroughly:

Recruitment is equally about how well you onboard candidates as much as it is about who you hire. Ensure that they have all the resources needed to succeed within their first 90 days. You can also develop a mentorship program in which established employees team up with new employees to guide them.

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