Here we have compiled a list of the top 10 franchise businesses in India to figure out the right investment option.

Myth: Opening a franchise business in India will cost you millions
Truth: Anyone can start a franchise business that wouldn’t cost you millions.

Business is an occupation that can help you earn unlimited profit in a shorter span if you work hard. In contemporary times, India is one of the leading marketable and profitable capitals among the South Asian countries, and there are a lot of transnational realities coming to the country with colourful franchise openings.

Votes profit the associations adding their vestiges in India, plus it plays a vital part in the country’s profitable development with further job creation. This is one of the reasons why people are trying to franchise businesses in India.

 People search for business ideas, but they’re in mistrustfulness whether their business would be successful or not, which is why they’re hysterical about taking a threat. But, in a franchise business, the threat factor is less as in this, you get a well-established brand business model.

 The significant benefits of starting a franchise business in India are

 Lower operating cost

 Local Business Knowledge

 Rapid Expansion


 Training and specialized know-style

 A lower threat for franchisee

 Easy access to capital

 These were some of the benefits of the franchise business. Want to know some of its downsides that might come your way.

 Disadvantages of franchise business

 Limited Exit Strategy

 Expensive Investment

 Further control of the parent company

 Have to partake some chance of profit with parent company

 Strict Operations Guidelines

These were some of the benefits and downsides of the franchise business. Now, let us enlighten you about some of the stylish franchise businesses in India, which we’ve named after proper exploration.

  1. First Cry

It’s one of the most established kiddies and baby brands that deal in kiddies’ apparel and accessories. This business has excellent eventuality as the investment is less and the gains are enough high. They give ultra-expensive quality clothes for kiddies at a lower price, plus they also give you the option of buying online.

 Their products are trusted by people as there are a lot of people who prefer Firstcry over other brands, hence concluding for its franchise can be veritably salutary for you as people don’t like immolating when it comes to their kiddies.

For getting its franchise, you would need a minimal investment of some lakh rupees; in this, the franchisor would give you the marketing service. Plus, you also need a bottom space of many Sqft. in a high business, area to establish the force for the products.

Therefore, if you want to earn from day one as you start your business, also the first cry can be the stylish option for you as it comes in the list of top 10 votes business in India.

  1. Lenskart

This company offers you optic lenses, sunglasses, eyeglasses, and frames for all age groups and is seen as one of the swift-growing companies encyclopedically. It has come veritably notorious a couple of times in India and has its store in further than 1000 metropolises and was started in the time 2010.

They offer a lot of variety and choices, which makes it the first choice of people who are looking for any optic or lenses. They started this company to give vision to people at provident prices. Another notable thing about Lenskart is that they have a special program for women if they wish to take the franchise.

For taking its franchise, you would need a minimum capital of Rs. In lakhs and minimal area space of some Sq Ft, it would be great if you open it nearly near conventions, promenades, or near any optic store.

  1. Amul Scoop

You can also start an Amul ice-cream Franchise business as it’s again a veritably profitable business, and people love Amul as a brand because of the taste and quality it delivers. For starting an ice cream salon, you would need a minimum area of 300 Sq Ft in a decoration position with air conditioners and good innards.

The investment is also veritably less; you would just need a capital of many lower lakh rupees for starting this. The stylish thing about this business is that there’s no or veritably little marketing needed because people veritably well know about Amul.

Also, you need not worry about the force as it gets delivered to your store directly, which means you don’t have to travel or pay for delivery charges. In just a small investment you can earn good gains and be your own master.

  1. Grace Coffee Co.

You must have heard about Grace Coffee, especially if you’re a coffee nut. Which makes people happy with commodities hot and special.

Do you as well want to make people happy by serving delicious coffee? Taking its franchise is simple and easy, you just need an investment of a few lakhs and an area of 100 to 1000 sqft.

In this, they would give you with their coffee maker machines that are made with the rearmost technology, and coffee or tea comes by just pressing the one-touch button. Piecemeal from coffee, they also serve galettes, snacks, mists, and other refreshing drinks.

It’s a stylish place for youths to hang out with musketeers, to go on a date, for meetings, etc. Its taste is amazing, and coffee suckers are particular about their taste, so they love Grace Coffee Co. Therefore, if you plan to open a café, also this is a stylish franchise chain for you.


It’s an Indian eatery franchise that was established many times agone, which sells healthy food with the invention in khichdi. It has come a commanding brand in the food and libation assiduity.

It’s one of the swift-growing votes with 4 to 5 locales in Ahmedabad in a month or two. It was established many times agone and has still maintained its quality and taste because of which people delight its dishes.

Their major end was to give exceptional services to all their guests, offering the loftiest quality menu particulars at affordable prices and keeping the operating system bring lower with the conception of no way stop perfecting.

So, if you wish to be a part of such an estimable brand, also you need to invest a quantum of a few lakhs with a bottom space of a minimal 300 sqft. So, take the franchise of Urban Khichdi moment and serve fresh, succulent khichdi made-to-order right in front of the guests.

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