Ultimate Guide to Staff your Restaurant Franchise

Dependable team is one of the most crucial components for business success. Chain and franchise restaurant are no different, the same applies to them. In today’s climate of a tight job market with fierce competition to attract top talent, businesses cannot get by with average hiring practices. Running a franchise restaurant is not just about creating delectable food but also about creating an enjoyable environment for eaters to rave about. The quality of food, impolite behaviour of the staff and lack of first- class hospitality can make you lose business. Hence, hiring the right staff with proper attitude and required skill set is inevitable. Needless to say, owing to high employee turnover and employees not being able to cope up with the pressures and expectations, hospitality industry is quite infamous. However, determining the required skill sets in the right people and providing them the proper training along with their management can give you the key to retain you staff for longer.

The hospitality industry is complex to an extent.  A mistake as small as spilling water on the table to a mistake as large as getting a strand of hair in your cup of noodles, can upturn the reputation of your restaurant and make you lose business. It’s inevitable to hire the right employees since your staff members are the face of your restaurant. Certain skills like service skills, physical skills, safety skills, communication skills and some industry-specific skills should be watched out while interviewing the candidate for an interview.

  1. Different Channels to be used:

There are different that can be used to staff your restaurant. Some ways are:

  1. Hiring through the Word of Mouth.
  2. Hiring through Newspaper Ads.
  3. Hiring through Social Media.
  4. Hiring through Referrals.
  5. Hiring through Job Portals.
  6. Hiring through Consultants.
  7. Use Pre-Assessment Tools and Technology:

Time is invaluable particularly in the restaurant industry. Besides the time/ , your time to hire from the second you post a job opening and the moment you extend an offer are also equally important for the success of the restaurant. The job candidates of present time have time on their side but that doesn’t mean they are willing to wait for an offer letter. The speed of your response is the exact place where the difference between snatching up a quality candidate and losing out to the competition lies solely. Quick employer response time is always appreciated. Also, no top talent can afford to wait for long. Hence, good restaurant franchisors will provide their franchisees with the appropriate tool and technology to pre-screen candidates before they come for an interview. You can make sure through pre-assessments that you don’t have to sit through time-consuming interviews with droves of unqualified candidates. Also, owing to pre-screenings, your schedule can be freed up substantially and that way you will be able to devote more time to quality candidates.  It will speed up your response time and secure the best talent.

  1. Create an Employee Profile:

You should start defining the ideal employee after deciding on the roles you require to be filled up. Fundamentally, you should have a clear idea regarding what a top-performing employee would look like, his skill sets, abilities, talents, etc. Always be free of any prejudices related to race, gender, caste, religion, etc. while creating an employee profile. You should keep the demands of the job in perspective, while forming a profile. Mention job description in detail, develop actionable evaluation criteria and decipher the places where you can find suitable talent. Besides looking into your network, you can also get assistance from recruitment agency.

  1. Maintain Optimum Staffing Levels:

Besides hiring the right people and providing them training, you should also focus on maintaining the proper levels of staffing. This means that you should be aware of how many staff members you would need at any given point in time. For every business to meet their staffing needs, it’s important to determine these ideal levels. The present analysis also helps customer experience and enables companies to have a better opportunity to grow. You should first look at scale of your business and the expected business flow, in order to analyse the correct staffing levels.  In order to determine the number of staff, you can also study your competitors.

To conclude, it is to be said that employees are an asset to your business and they have the potential to shape its future. You better keep your eyes and mind wide open while hiring the employees for your business. Also, search around for people who share the same values as you have.

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