In 2017, David Beckham finally became the franchise owner of a Major League Soccer team after four years of laborious work. Living the American dream, Beckham presented his Miami club, which is set to enter the US topflight in 2020.

The former Manchester United footballer first intimated his intention to exercise his right to buy an MLS franchise in 2014 and divulged that the 25th franchise would be situated in Miami, Florida from January 2018. Though the price Beckham paid for the franchise has not been disclosed, the owners of the Los Angeles FC team, which joined MLS in March 2018, allegedly paid $100 million.

Top sport franchise opportunities

Fortunately, not every sports franchise costs quite as much as an MLS team. There are some remarkable franchise opportunities out there, so if you’re fitness enthusiast, take a look at the following.

Angela’s Swim School

Since its establishment in 2002, the present sports franchise has been gaining popularity increasingly.. Presently, with around 40 franchise partners operating all over the UK, Angela’s Swim School offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to get involved with teaching both young and old attendees this vital life skill.

The cost of the franchise is around £22,000, but in return, you’ll be granted with an exclusive territory, full swimming instructor training and qualifications along with financial, marketing and launch support. Besides all, you’ll be able to work the hours you desire, meaning that this is a great franchise to own if you’re craving the ultimate work-life balance. And all this while helping people learn to swim – you barely have a reason not to love.

Tatty Bumpkin

The advantages of practising yoga are widely acknowledged. If you set up a franchise with Tatty Bumpkin, you will be offered with the chance to teach babies and children how to stretch, laugh and get fit. It is not required for you to be a yoga guru to get your Tatty Bumpkin franchise off the ground. What you need is just an enthusiasm and a passion for working with children.

In order to join this franchise, you’ll need to invest £10,000, and you can choose to operate the classes yourself or hire freelance instructors to teach on your behalf. This way, you can make your business as big or as small as you like it to be. It all based upon the goals you carry for your new venture.

Premier Sport

The present sports franchise enables you to invest in different packages, depending upon the size of your budget and what your ambitions are. With Premier Sport, you can choose from four packages, which range from £15,000 to £30,000. But, irrespective of the package you choose to purchase, you’ll get access to a mentor, core-training seminars and regular updates on the brand.

With more than 150 franchise partners delivering more than 25,000 activity sessions to thousands of schools across the UK, Premier Sport is presently the largest children’s sport and physical activity franchising company in the country. So, if you have commendable communication skills, a passion for sports and getting children involved, great leadership skills and sufficient finance, this can be one of the best franchise opportunities for you.

One Element

This is an incredible franchise providing outdoor fitness classes in local parks. The founders intended to create a programme of sessions that combined the camaraderie of group sport with the morale-boosting qualities of outdoor exercise. They take the form of high intensity interval training incorporating cardio, strength, core and agility work and sports such as rugby, hockey, boxing and triathlons.

Presently, there are eight franchise territories in operation, delivering sessions in 15 selected parks. These are carried out around London for the time being, in Richmond, Tooting, Wandsworth, Clapham and the Docklands. For fitness fanatics in Ireland, One Element also operates classes in Belfast.

To become a franchise partner for this distinctive company, it will required on your part to be prepared to invest a total of £16,000. It’s believed that, by following the business model closely, you can anticipate to make a revenue of around £80,000 after two years. Needless to say, you must be comfortable directing others and, ideally, you must be friendly, sociable and approachable. Your major aim should be to develop fun and effective fitness sessions where attendees feel safe and supported.

Bootcamp Pilates

Bootcamp Pilates offers effective fitness classes based on ‘Dynamic Reformer Pilates’, which emerges in the USA, where the franchise first started out. The brains behind the business say they’ve found the “best, fastest and safest way to transform your posture, strength and shape”.

The techniques used in Bootcamp Pilates classes today harmonize well with the specific fitness methods first created by Joseph Pilates himself over a century ago. When imprisoned during the World War- I, he worked out a way to use the beds, bedsprings and spare fabric in his room to create a “system of springs, straps and pulleys”. Owing to Pilates, his fellow inmates were able to maintain their muscle strength without even leaving their beds.

Fitness enthusiasts who attend Bootcamp Pilates classes will be able to take part in a one-hour session that eliminates the floormat central to most Pilates sessions. They’ll do strength training and cardio, which will help improve both their physical and mental wellbeing. The franchise arrived in the UK in 2005 and ever since then, it’s gathered a significant following, and even a number of celebrity participants, including Annie Lennox and Emma Watson.

To become a Bootcamp Pilates franchise partner, it will be required on your part to be able to make a total investment of around £70,000. It is not required for you to have  previous business management experience, as you’ll be enrolled onto a dedicated training scheme that will introduce you to the core aspects of the business. This will involve management training and support with business planning, finance, site selection, operations set-up, launch and marketing.

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